Water damage is one of the most devastating home disasters that a homeowner will ever face in a lifetime, either from a flash flood or a broken pipe. Water-damaged possessions are often unmanageable & once they are damaged, they cannot be restored. Moreover, cleaning up the mess can also be an exhausting task & the danger of mole development can linger for weeks. But there is no need to worry because with a smart plan, recovering from water damage can become unimaginably easier & painless.

In this blog, we shall discuss the steps to be taken to recover from severe water damages caused by a burst pipe, overflowing toilets or any other causes.

1. Switch-off electricity first- A union between electricity & water is really fatal. The damage that can occur to your already disaster-stricken room, can be extremely dangerous. If there is any water damage near any wiring, sockets or outlets, switch-off the electricity nearby those areas. Shut-off all circuit breakers that power the wiring & outlets if there is a minor leak affecting a small area. & should there be multiple room water damage, switching off the entire circuit panel is an utmost necessity. If the situation is worse, that is, if there is standing water surrounding your meter box, contact your electricity company to remove the meter as a preventive measure against fatal accidents.

2. Prevent the flow- In case the water is coming out of your plumbing at home, the deterioration will get worse with every passing minute. Contact a trusted emergency plumber in Mandurah to know about your home’s location of the main water shut-off valve so that you can turn it off. Usually, the valve is located in the basement where the main water supply is positioned. If you are unsure of this, you can check outside your home to locate the water meter. Many times, the shut-off valve is situated outside of a home under a water meter grate. A special tool named water key is required to turn these valves & you can purchase it from a hardware store if you don’t have one.

3. Claim insurance benefits for your damaged properties- After putting off the electricity & stopping the continuous water flow, it is time to start a recuperation mission by contacting your insurance company. Call up your home insurance company & report about the damage. In certain cases, home insurance companies even make-up the damage caused by a burst pipe, which doesn’t fall under natural calamity risks. There is also an insurance category called ‘flood insurance’, sold by various insurance agencies. If you are unsure the costs that will be covered up in your home insurance, go through it & upgrade it if necessary before your house suffers a water damage. Also do not forget to take pictures of the damaged areas in your house which would act as evidence for your insurance agents. Or else, they might claim it to be false & make matters worse, forcing you to spend extra money unnecessarily.

Conclusion- Thus should you suffer from such water damages, apart from following these quick tips, do not hesitate to call your licensed & experienced plumbers in Mandurah to restore your house back to its previous condition.

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