Yard drainage is one of the areas that gets the least attention from homeowners. If you have a landscaped yard, swimming pool area, or paved area, poor drainage can pose many issues that you have to deal with. Improper yard drainage can lead to serious problems like it can turn your yard into a breeding ground for insects, your yard can be filled with stench and foul smell that can affect your health and your family’s health. So, maintaining your yard drain periodically is your foremost task otherwise you can face several problems. To help you acknowledge the common problems so that you can face and tackle them, here we have listed some of the common yard drainage problems and professional plumbing solutions that are offered by top plumbing companies like QA Plumbing, one of the best plumbing companies in Mandurah.

Standing water

Standing water in your yard area after rain or even when there is no rain is one of the first signs that your yard drainage system is failing. Firstly, during rain, the water should be soaked by the soil and excess water should drain away from your yard directed by the slope. Standing water means the excess water is not getting drained away because of low spots or compacted soil.

Some solutions:

  • Identifying the low spots and installing French drains can help to eliminate the standing water problem
  • Create a rain garden and fill the problematic area with a mix of gravel and soil. Plant water-loving plants.

Poor yard grading

Improper yard grading is one of the top problems, which is responsible for pooling yards or flooding problems. Even the problem of poor grading can lead to some serious issues such as basement leaks and extreme flood situations as the excess water does not flow towards the drain and instead is directed towards the house or other improper areas.

Some solutions

  • In case you are collecting water in the basement, you can install a sump pump.
  • Also, you can install a French drain to get rid of such issues
  • Consider constructing a better grading system in your yard


Poor yard draining does not always cause flood-like situations, however, it can erode the topsoil gradually from your yard and damage your landscaping.

You can try these solutions;

  • You can add more hardscaping features in your yard, especially in the trouble spots
  • Create a dry creek bed.

Gutter and downspout problems

Improper installation of gutter and downspouts or other problems like short downspouts or clogged gutters can lead to problems like wet patches and flooding in your yard. In case the downspouts that you have installed are short, they will fail to direct the water out of the house. On the other hand, if your gutters are clogged it can water pool in the improper places near the house.

Some effective solutions are;

  • Consider cleaning your yard drains and gutters to prevent clogging.
  • Install extensions to the downspout so that water is drained far away from the premises

For proper installation of French drains or downspout extensions, you should contact top plumbers like drainage solution Mandurah specialists QA Plumbing plumbers, if you are based in Mandurah.


These are some of the problems that you can face if you have a yard and effective solutions that you can consider for resolving the issues. For quality maintenance and repair solutions, you can contact any top plumbing company like QA Plumbing for the best drainage solution in Mandurah. Contact (08) 9582 8822 or email at admin@qaplumbing.com.au.

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