With the effects of global warming taking a centre stage, as a responsible inhabitant, you are on a hunt for ways to save money while doing your best to protect planet earth. For this reason, when it comes to choosing between traditional and tankless water heaters, people are more opting for the latter. Traditional water heaters are heavier, have high energy consumption and do not provide a continuous supply of water. Thus, it is evident why a traditional water heater is neither economical nor an energy-efficient option.

On the other hand, tankless water heaters are more popular and a number one choice among professional hot water plumbers in Mandurah. There are many convincing reasons behind this. Interested to find out? Below mentioned are some of the vital reasons why tankless water heaters are more beneficial:

1. Continuous water supply: The popularity of tankless water heaters lie in their ability to supply instant hot water. This means you don’t have to wait for an hour or so to get your supply of hot water but the moment you switch it on, you get the required amount of hot water. Moreover, the hot water supply is not limited like in most of the traditional water heaters. You get an unending stream of hot water instantly and continuously.

2. Energy-efficient: This is the most important reason why experienced plumbers in Mandurah recommend tankless water heaters to traditional ones. To be more precise, tankless water heaters consume 30-50% less energy than traditional units mainly because the former heats water only when you require. For this reason, you may even hear tankless water heaters being referred to as ‘on-demand’ units. A family using tankless water heater daily has the potential of saving up to $100 or more every year and it is true. So, if your electricity bill is too high but you cannot do without hot water, switch to the tankless option, we say!

3. Longer lifespan: This is a surprising characteristic of tankless water heaters. While traditional heaters last for around 10-15 years, majority of the tankless units have a lifespan of 20 years or more. However, maintenance is the key. Poor maintenance is the most common cause why water heaters of any type (electric, solar or gas) need to be replaced so frequently. You must avail maintenance services from professional plumbers only to ensure your tankless water heater operates smoothly throughout the year.

4. Compact size: Considering the size is a crucial factor that influences your choice of water heater type. If there is lack of sufficient space in your home, certainly you’ll be searching for a water heater with a more compact size, isn’t it? And tankless water heaters are a perfect choice should this be your prerequisite. Unlike traditional bulky storage tanks, tankless heaters come with space-saving features. You can even ask your hot water plumber to mount it on the wall if keeping elsewhere is a problem.

Conclusion: A water heater that provides you with continuous and instant hot water supply, allows you to save cost and energy and offers little or no downsides at all, is surely an essential item in your house. And tankless water heaters fulfil all the mentioned criteria perfectly. With a longer lifespan than most of the other water heater types, you can reap the benefits of this heater for an extended period of time. All you need to do is call your certified hot water plumbers in Mandurah and get your tankless unit serviced to ensure maximum efficiency.

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