Often, a new pipe starts corroding within a few months of installation. Though pipe corrosion is a common phenomenon, there are several factors which contribute to an erosion of the residential pipe system, the effects of the same can be devastating for the inhabitants. Having a clear idea about the factors that cause corrosion and when to seek plumbing solutions Mandurah based can be both beneficial and economic. Keep reading the article to find out more.

The Causes of Pipe Corrosion

  • Too Much Chemical in the Water

Dissolved chemicals in water initiate reactions with the ions of the pipe materials contributing to corrosion.

  • The pH level of the Water

pH level of less than 7 or more than 8.5 could cause a pipe to corrode. This could leave a greater harmful impact if the pipe is made of copper.

  • Sudden Change in Velocity of the Flow of Water

Alternating low and high velocity of flowing water could speed up the rate of corrosion.

  • Bacteria

Iron bacteria and sulphate could give rise to corrosion in a pipe.

  • A high percentage of dissolved O2

A high content of dissolved oxygen could turn a mildly aggressive water to turn extremely aggressive.

Effects of Corroding Pipe

  • Blue tint on everything that water from the pipe touches

  • Weird odour or smell in water

  • Damage water heaters

  • Fail plumbing systems completely

How to Fix Pipe Corrosion

  • Identify the source of corrosion by inspecting the piping system

A proper inspection will help you pinpoint the source and the enormity of the issue. If you are dependent on well water, you should conduct water analysis.

  • Check the pH level of the water

You need to calculate the hardness, pH, alkalinity, total dissolved solids and temperature for ensuring if the water is corrosive or aggressive.

  • Check the iron contents of the water

  • Check the water temperature

  • Phosphate feeder

The bad impact of corrosion could be controlled with the aid of a phosphate feeder as it will form a fresh coating on the wall of the pipe.

  • Installation of an ozone system or chlorinator

If the odour of sulphur or bacteria is emerging from the water, the installation of a chlorinator or ozone system could be of great help. It will disinfect the water at the source.

  • The efficacy of a reverse osmosis system

If the calculated amount of dissolved solid particles is more than 1000 ppm, better to install a reverse osmosis system.

  • Use the right water velocity

  • Frequent inspection by pipe repair Mandurah based service providers


Corrosion is a natural process and over the years, the piping system will need to be changed completely. However, the impact and severity of corrosion can be controlled by keeping the above-mentioned points in mind. Seeking the right services from experts in residential plumbing Mandurah based can help you ensure a prolonged life for the pipes and the plumbing system.

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