Are you planning to buy a new home? A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration like size, costs, location and neighbourhood. But, there is one more thing that mostly all home buyers miss out.


Yes, it is quite likely for a new home to have certain plumbing issues that you should take care of as soon as possible. It is not going to be a great moving experience if you move into your new home, all decorated beautifully to welcome your arrival and, you find that the pipes are blocked, the water line is leaking and the renovations not done properly. Just imagine the scenario. You step inside your new bathroom, start the shower and suddenly stand frozen on the ground as the hot water system is damaged.How will you feel then?

Therefore, make it a point to run a thorough check of the plumbing systems in your new home before you decide to move. If you are confused about what issues you need to look for, go through the following checklist to get some help:

  1. The Water Heater
    Check your hot water system for any sign of corrosion. Also, make sure that the water heater is of good quality and is able to produce enough got water for the day. However, if the heater has exceeded ten years (that you can know from the homeowner), it is better to get a replacement as soon as possible.
  2. The Toilet
    See whether the toilet is leaking or not draining properly before you step into your new home. If any of these problems exist, you need to contact the most reputable plumbing services provider in Mandurah and get it fixed. Ignoring such issues may lead to bigger problems later on. For example, a leaking toilet can cause your floor to rot and leak water in the subsequent floors.
  3. The Water Meter
    inspecting the water meter can help you determine whether there is any leak in the water system of your new home. How? Well by closing all the faucets and then checking if the water meter is running is the way to derive a concrete proof of any leak in the house. If there is, call the plumbers to fix it before you move in.
  4. Faucets and Sinks
    Check all the faucets and sinks in your new home to see if they are fully functional. Do not compromise on any issue taking it to be a minor one. Open all faucets at their maximum capacity to determine free flow. If there is any leak, it should be got rid of immediately.
  5. The Septic System
    Check for foul odour or standing water and talk to the professional plumbers if you notice such issues. These can lead to health and living hazards later.

Once you have checked all these areas and ticked them off your list, you can move in peacefully. But, if there is any issue, contact the local plumbers and get it fixed as soon as possible. A number of reliable plumbing services in Mandurah will also conduct a full inspection of your new home on your behalf. If you can get your hands on such a service provider, consider yourself lucky. Have a great moving experience!

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