Whether you are planning to buy a new house or have just bought one, it’s one of the wonderful investment decisions you have made, and we congratulate you on that! There are a lot of mixed emotions you are undergoing and understandably, excitement and anxiety are both your constant companion right now. A new house is synonymous with new hope and, often in this phase, we tend to overlook minor problems, which can develop into a major problem later on. Among these, plumbing issues are often overlooked since you have a warranty cover. However, it is always prudent to look for any trouble signs that can jerk you off your daily routine anytime later on. To stay on the safe side, you can take the help of experienced home plumbing solutions and get your problems sorted. Before that, check out what plumbing problems your new house can have;

  • Pipe Discolouration

It is a must that you take a proper look at the pipes in the house. Any discolouration of water pipes signifies moisture presence. This can be caused by minor problems like water dripping from the sink or drain line, or major problems like slow leaks present in the supply line. Before the issue aggravates, you must contact residential plumbing solutions and get it checked by them.

  • Drain Blockage

Drain blockage is an immediate sign of a plumbing problem and one of the common problems of plumbing. However, the issue can be minor like a clog near the drain, which can be easily removed, or it can be a problem arising from further down the line, needing professional services like snaking.

  • Bad Sewer Smell

Drain traps and vents are designed to prevent sewer gas from entering your house. However, in case you can smell a bad odour in your house then either the trap has turned dry or, the vent line has developed cracks. Whatever is the problem, pay attention and get in touch with an experienced plumber.

  • Bubbling Ceiling or Wall Paint

Before you buy a new house, you must always check properly; if the paint is well applied and there is no bubble in the ceiling or wall paint. Peeling off wall or ceiling paint signifies a leak in the roof or plumbing system. Make sure you investigate such issues before you purchase the house or, in case you have already made the purchase get it checked by a reliable plumber and get your solution.

  • Cloudy Water Colour

Open the tap and check the colour of the water. If the water that emerges from the tap is cloudy in colour it is a clear sign of a plumbing problem like the presence of air in the water pipe or colour like yellow or brown signifies the presence of rust. On less frequent occasions, green-tinted water can emerge from the tap, tap, due to underlying problems like corroded copper pipes. Call your plumber and inspect your plumbing system during such times.


New house plumbing problems can be fewer or as many as an old house. However, starting a journey as a new house owner is challenging and, you need to pay attention to every minor or major issue that the house can have. Plumbing-system inspection, therefore, is a must before you move into your new house. For this, you can get help from any residential plumbing solution or from 17 years old experienced company QA Plumbing experts by contacting on, (08) 9582 8822 or, you can also drop a mail at admin@qaplumbing.com.au.

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