As a responsible inhabitant of the earth, it is our duty to judiciously utilize energy resources to satisfy our needs. With the gradual increase in population, there is also additional pressure on the resources, both renewable and non-renewable ones. In order to make sure that our future generation does not suffer due to our carelessness, it is important that we adopt some sustainable plumbing practices to reduce your monthly expenditure as well as prevent wastage of energy.

There are some plumbing tips that can help you to save both money and resources. These are:

1. Fix the leak- When you close the taps tightly and still water continues to drip or when the washer inside the tap starts to malfunction congratulations! You have water leak(s). Unlike other plumbing emergencies, water leaks don’t compel you to straightaway call for an emergency plumber in Mandurah. You think leaks won’t harm you much so you can fix it yourself at your own time, allowing the water to leak away. Hence it is important to fix the leak as soon as you see it; either do it yourself if you know how to fix the leak or hire a professional plumber.

2. Close the tap when not needed- Another most common way by which water is wasted is a dripping tap. Apart from producing an annoying sound, a dripping tap can waste around 16 gallons of water every day and you may end up paying $150 extra for your annual water bill. Thus close your taps properly and if still water continues to drip, hire a plumber in Mandurah to get your tap replaced or repaired. Remember! prompt plumbing maintenance will allow you to save both money and water.

3. Welcome a low-flow showerhead- If you want to reduce water usage in your bathroom, installing a low-flow showerhead is an intelligent decision. By installing this device, your water usage will be checked, leading to conservation of your water resource. A low-flow showerhead when installed in all your bathrooms, will definitely restrict wastage of water, especially when children in your family spend hours in the bathroom with their shower fully turned on! So invest in a low-flow showerhead and see how your water wastage and your water bills get reduced.

4. Discover hidden leaks- Hidden leaks are like your hidden enemies; not coming in front of you but harming you silently. To discover hidden leaks, you can call for a local plumber in Mandurah and with the help of him, both of you can check for the plumbing system or beneath the floor or inside the walls where your water pipes may be running through. You can also check the water meter before and after water usage; if there is a change in the meter, there is a leak hiding inside your home.

5. Check the drains- Most people neglect maintaining the drains unless there is a clog. Perform a drain maintenance every month is very important to keep your drains clean and healthy. Pour two cups of vinegar and baking soda each in your drain to dissolve all the unwanted pile-ups, if there are any. Use hair and soap strainers in your bathroom and bathtub to avoid hair and soap residues from blocking your pipes. And lastly, do not use any abrasive drain cleaners as it may corrode your pipes and harm your drain.


Energy resources, whether renewable or non-renewable, are limited and this necessitates intelligent usage. By practicing the above-mentioned five tips, you can successfully conserve both water for the future and find relief by paying a reduced water bill every year!

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    I found this blog very useful. It discusses a very relevant topic. I will certainly adopt the tips mentioned in this blog. Please keep writing such useful stuff QA Plumbing.

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