Water leaks are one of the most common plumbing problems that you may have had or yet to experience in your lifetime. The dripping sound of water from the faucet can really annoy you and if left ignored, it renders serious damages to your home while bringing about unnecessary expenditure. Unfortunately, leaks cannot be easily detected unless you have a leaking tap in your kitchen or bathroom. Leaks are sometimes hidden and you may not know why you have to pay such high water bills every month! If you have leaks, it is obvious that you need to call a professional plumber in Mandurah.

But what if you knew the major causes for water leaks and why you need a plumber? This blog is just about that.

1. Broken seals: At the time of installing your appliances, seals were put surrounding all water connectors by your plumber. But these seals will not last for a lifetime. As your appliance gets older, the seal will also wear out and gradually break. The easiest way to figure out if the seal is broken is if you find puddles near the appliance or notice condensation.

2. Corrosion: Corrosion is one of the main reasons that causes your plumbing pipes to erode. As your plumbing system ages, the formation of rust takes place that eventually makes way for corrosion. You need to avail a service for residential plumbing in Mandurah if you observe any warping on your pipes or discolouration. A professional plumber will assess the damage and if your pipes are too old, he can replace it right away. Replacing your old pipes will reduce the risk of corrosion and in turn, will prevent leaks in the long run.

3. Clogs: Clogs are one of the worst plumbing nightmares for any homeowner. Not only is it messy but it can also cause a great deal of inconvenience. To make things more difficult, sometimes, clogs can even lead to overflowing or burst pipes. For example: if your air handler drain pans or gutters have obstructions, be prepared for a serious water damage. For this reason, no sooner than you notice clogs developing in your bathroom or kitchen drain, call for a licensed plumber in Mandurah to get your drain cleaned at the earliest.

4Excess water pressure: It feels nice to turn on the shower and experience the gushing flow of water. But did you know that high water pressure is actually damaging your pipes? Most pipes and faucets can endure water pressure up to a particular level but when it goes beyond this limit, you have pipe leaks grabbing your attention. If you think your water pressure is more than necessary, have a professional measure to check and regulate the pressure of the flowing water.

5. Intruding tree roots: Sometimes the reason for water leaks resides outside your home rather than inside. For example: if tree roots are intruding your plumbing system, you may notice patches of moisture on your yard. Hence, if you notice tree roots growing near your home, new sink holes or wet patches on your yard or a sudden drop in water pressure, it is highly advisable to call an experienced plumber to check the condition and perform the necessary repairs.

Conclusion: Water leaks are undoubtedly dangerous; it causes a rise in your water bill while inducing other serious damages, quite insidiously. While there are various causes of water leaks, if ignored, you may have to encounter unnecessary consequences. Therefore, as soon as you find signs of an active leak, getting the help of a professional plumber in Mandurah can save you from unnecessary troubles in the future.

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