A broken sewer line is the breeding-grounds for various plumbing problems in your normal healthy life. These plumbing problems might seem to be never-ending if the sewer lines are not repaired on time. More than a blocked sewer line, a broken sewer line can become difficult to manage. Before it is too late, it is wise to call a certified plumber in Mandurah.

With consistent usage, wear and tear, the materials used to construct the sewer line get eroded away. As a result, cracks and corrosion have appeared on the surface of the pipes that have been troubling you repeatedly.

But how will you know that your sewer line is broken? These are the signs:

1. Your walls/foundation will have cracks- A leak in the underground sewer lines will result in water seeping in the walls of your home. As a result, your walls will have cracks after a significant amount of time as well get ready to have damps on your wall all throughout the year. Engaging a licensed plumbing company in Mandurah will be of great help as they can inspect the sewer pipes with their specialized equipment to detect if your sewer line is broken.

2. Bizarre green patches on your lawn- Did you know? When your pipes are broken, the sewage that is leaked out, is full of nutrients that are suitable to be used as a fertilizer. This property nourishes the grass in your lawn. But if you notice green patches on your lawn in the area around the underground pipes that look unusual to your eyes, call for a plumber immediately.

3. Foul-smelling wet areas on your lawn- Know that your underground pipes is broken for sure if you come across pools of water in the area near your sewer lines. Not only this, there will also be accompanying foul smell with the water because of the sewage discharge. If left untreated, there can be pests coming in soon and altogether it can become a disturbing condition on your property.

4. Growth of mould/mildew in your home- Needless to say, a broken sewer pipe will cause the walls in your house to remain damp, 24 hours and 365 days. If not treated soon, continuous soaking of moisture in your walls will be the perfect breeding grounds for mould and mildew that can spoil the appearance of your home sweet home.

5. Release of gases from the sewer- If you smell a persistent foul odour in your house in spite of spraying room fresheners, take it as a sign of a broken/cracked sewer pipe that is releasing the foul-smelling gases. A healthy sewer line will never give out such intolerable smell in your house. Thus immediately call for reliable residential plumbers to get your sewer lines checked.

Conclusion- If you come across any of these signs, instead of hesitating, call for an emergency plumber to repair your sewer lines as soon as possible. If left untreated for a long time, staying inside the house can become unbearable and will be equally painful for you as a homeowner as well as for your guests also, if you invite them.

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  • Ava

    March 28, 2019 | Reply

    This blog has been really helpful in the sense that now I know when to call for a plumber if I suspect a broken sewer line in my house.

  • Dennis Sanchez

    August 1, 2019 | Reply

    I never knew that weird green patches on a yard are a sign that sewage is leaking from broken pipes. I've noticed recently that my neighbor's yard has a few really bright green spots on it. I'll have to suggest he talk with a plumber.

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