Saving energy should be a prime responsibility for every inhabitant of Earth for once the energy gets exhausted, existence will become difficult. With the invention of electricity, several gadgets have also been invented that are dependent on energy and resources. One of them is the water heaters in our home; it is one of those household appliances that requires energy in large amounts to properly function. It also leads to additional monthly expenditure when you pay your electricity bills.
So how should you reduce the energy consumption of your water heater?

1. Make sure the tank is clean- With time, sediments and deposits pile up inside the tank. This in return, affects the energy efficiency of your tank as it reduces the heat transfer from the element. Installing a water softener is suggested by the majority hot water plumbers in Mandurah in case there are mineral and lime scale build up in your water heaters. Also it is important to drain your tank once a year to keep your water heaters clean, efficiently. Vinegar, which is a diluted acidic solution, can also be used to descale both hot water tanks and tankless water heaters. This will eliminate mineral deposits and induce quick energy transfer between the gas burner and the element.

2. Turn down the thermostat- Beware! If your water is too hot for most of the times, it is an indication of energy inefficiency in your water heater. Make sure your thermostats are set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, you will notice a 3-5% decrease in energy usage and in your electric bills for every 10 degree Fahrenheit decrease on your thermostat.

3. Why not try a tank blanket?- If you want to conserve energy by 25-45% effectively, use insulate tank blankets for your water heater. According to some of the best plumbers in Mandurah, old tanks that do not have strong insulation, using tank blankets can be more effective in saving energy and costs. By checking the label on your water heater, you can check out your tank’s insulation. Moreover, tank blankets are easy to install and are also affordable. However, be careful not to block the gas inlet, the exhaust and the thermostat while installing a tank blanket. Note that do not use tank blankets in new water heater models as they are already efficiently insulated.

4. Get the pipes insulated- By having the pipes insulated, you can effectively save on both energy and costs every month. Remember! Your hot water tank is not the only place where heat loss occurs; with insulated pipes, your hot water reaches the faucet 2-4 degrees hotter than without insulation. To get your pipes effectively insulted, call for licensed commercial plumbers in Mandurah, to be on the safer side.

5. Use hot water when requires- Last but not the least, what is the simplest way to conserve heat energy? Obviously by using less hot water! Use hot water only when required and use normal temperature water in the other times. For instance: in the winter months, hot water is required for almost all activities but in the summer months, reduce the use and save energy and cost intelligently.

Conclusion- The more you save energy, the better it is for your pockets and the environment. Saving energy should be the primary aim of all individuals because this is the only way by which we can keep our planet and our various gadgets, safe, sound and productive.

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    Before reading this blog, I never knew that I could make my water heater more energy efficient. Now I know how to increase the energy efficiency of my water heater. This blog is a must read for all those who owns a water heater!

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