Enjoying a shower bath from where the water is gushing out at a great speed, gives a kind of pleasant comfort. After all, who wants to take a slow-paced shower bath from where the water just doesn’t seem to come out? Unfortunately, one of the greatest annoyance is when there is a loss of pressure in your shower. And if the problem turns out to be serious, you may have trouble in your bathroom plumbing.

There are various ways by which you can overcome such pressure problems in your bathroom shower on finding out the main cause. Let us look at some of these ways:

1. Limitations in pressure balancing valve- Water pressure problems are likely to interrupt you if your shower has a pressure balancing valve because there is a single knob or handle to control both the water flow and the temperature. The specialty of this valve is that it mixes both hot and cold water at a certain pressure level. An example when such a valve is used is while flushing a toilet- it causes a drop in the pressure level as well as pressure change. The alternative for this kind of valve is a thermostatic mixing valve that has separate controls for both pressure and water temperature. You can ask an experienced plumber in Mandurah for upgrading to this valve.

2. Damaged diverter valve- A diverter valve is a switch capable of diverting water from the bathtub faucet to the showerhead and this is present if you have a combination of shower and bathtub. The drawback of this valve is that it can break or malfunction after many years of service and the consequence that you can face is reduced water pressure in the showerhead. This is so because the valve cannot fully open. Surely a qualified plumbing company in Mandurah can investigate and replace with a new diverter valve.

3. Alterations in water pressure reduction valve- Beware! If all the fixtures in your home are affected due to a problem in water pressure, the origin is closer to the water source. Some homes have a water pressure reduction valve connected to the main water line where it enters home. It is not uncommon or impossible for this valve to break or malfunction which would require the intervention of a professional plumber.

4. Broken & damaged pipe- This is the most common cause for a loss in water pressure. And pretty worst too! This is because it can lead to serious damages to areas in your home which are inaccessible. If you suddenly come across water dripping or stains in the walls or hear the sound of running water from areas that shouldn’t produce such sounds, disconnect your water supply at the main point and call for an emergency plumber in Mandurah.

5. Clogged pipe & showerhead- If your showerhead is clogged or dirty, do not hesitate but open the showerhead from the wall. Immerse the showerhead in a cleaning solution for a few minutes and then clean the nozzles with an old toothbrush, thoroughly. If you have a supply of hard water, there must have been mineral deposition in the pipes that reduces the water flow. This in turn affects the water pressure. You can install a water softening system that will prevent accumulation or go for a replacement and cleaning of the pipes.

Conclusion- Loss in water pressure in your shower is one of the most annoying plumbing issues. After all, the joy of taking bath under a shower that allows the water to flow freely, without any limitation, is incomparable. Thus imply the simple tricks and call for a trained plumber if such tricks are futile.

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    February 22, 2019 | Reply

    I was recently having problems with my shower’s water pressure and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. This blog came to my rescue at the right time and now I am all happy with my shower’s water pressure.

  • Andrea

    May 28, 2020 | Reply

    sower valve damaging issue discuss in the post. This very helpful issue. Thank you for the post.

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