Some plumbing issues look like they can be fixed quickly, but you may end up making the situation worse, flooding the house with water. It is important to be cautious about toilets and sinks because leaks can go undetected for a long time but they have the potential to cause significant damage to your home. If you see any of these signs, call the residential plumbers without delay:

1. Sweating water heater

If a water heater is sweating, then it is a sign that there is a leak. You will notice that the heater, as well as the ground, has become a little damp when this happens. Small leaks are caused by cracks in the piping, and if not dealt with immediately, may cause bigger problems. It is better to call your plumber as soon as possible to fix or replace the heater.

2. Low water pressure

When the water does not flow forcefully, it is time to call a plumber so they can take a look at it. The water pressure of a faucet can be low because of a clogged aerator. This problem can be solved by opening the aerator and removing the sediment. However, if the problem is bigger than that, and low pressure is caused by cracked or broken pipes, it can lead to significant damage to your house. Therefore, call a plumber immediately.

3. Drains not draining

When it comes to plumbing, clogs are common in faucets, toilets, and tubs. You can undo some of the clogs with a plunger. However, if you are faced with clogging repeatedly, or cannot unclog them with a plunger, you need to call a plumber. Residential plumbers look deeper into pipes with special tools and find out the reason for the long-term problem.

4. Faucets keep dripping

Generally, people do not pay much attention to faucet dripping, but it is not something you should neglect. If your shower drips even ten times a minute, you end up wasting around 500 gallons of water every year, and you need to pay extra for it. So, it is better to take care of a dripping faucet immediately by calling a plumber.

5. Toilet overflowing

Toilets can overflow for several reasons, such as hidden clogs or blockage. It must not be overlooked because whatever is clogging your toilet can cause permanent damage to your piping. However, sometimes, the reason is not visible, and it can be difficult to understand why your toilet is overflowing. A professional residential plumber can unclog it fast by determining the problem and preventing it from happening again.

6. House smelling like sewage

Creating a bad small is just another thing caused by clogs. It can make it unbearable for you to stay in your house. If your house smells like sewage, know that it is major plumbing distress. The reasons behind it can be not properly ventilated drainpipes or clogs caused by heavy rains or storms. You cannot deal with this problem on your own, but a plumber definitely can.

Conclusion: If you have faced any of the plumbing problems mentioned above, do not hesitate before calling a plumber. QA Plumbing offers residential plumbers 24/7 in the Mandurah area for more than 17 years. You may contact QA Plumbing by calling on (08) 9582 8822 for any residential plumbing queries.

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