As a proud homeowner, you are always looking out for ways to keep your home in the perfect order. Out of the many things you do for your home, ensuring your plumbing system is in good working condition is one of your top priorities. And if your toilet is more sort of an additional trashcan where anything and everything is disposed of, be prepared for an upcoming plumbing emergency.

While it may be tempting to use your toilet as an instant trash disposal, the actual purpose of your toilet is not to flush anything other than toilet paper. The consequence? Increased clogs, overflowing toilets and even expensive repair or replacement. You may call the best plumber to conduct toilet repair in Mandurah and fix these problems. But what if you are again throwing things that are not supposed to be thrown down the toilet?

For this reason, in this blog, we’ll highlight the items that should never be flushed down in your toilet.

1. Paper towels & wipes: If you look carefully, paper towels and sanitary wipes have ‘flushable’ written on their packets and if you trust the words of a professional plumber, NEVER believe in that! Although these items are labelled as flushable, paper towels or wipes won’t break up as quickly as toilet paper. Products like paper towels or wipes are created to collect fluids and not to get dissolved. Flushing them would only block the toile or sewer line, leading to serious plumbing issues.

2. Bandages, cotton & tampons: Tampons, bandages and cotton are some items that are commonly flushed without knowing the consequences. Cotton swabs may look tiny harmless materials but when they go down the drain, they build up and create clogs that can be treated by an emergency plumber in Mandurah only. A non-biodegradable product like bandage is bad for the health of the sewer system. As for tampons, only some parts disintegrate while the rest may take longer than usual time. Hence, instead of flushing these things, it is always better to dispose of in a waste bin.

3. Hair & dental floss: Anything strand-like are particularly dangerous for your toilet. You may think that hair and dental floss will flow down easily, in reality, these are non-biodegradable and will easily tangle up and get stuck. What you’ll have is a large clog for which you need to call a toilet plumber to get the clog removed.

4. Grease & oil: Disposing of cooking oil and fats in the toilet should be strictly avoided. They may be fluids but remember, cooking oil and fats are not water. They have a thicker consistency and as a result, after cooling down, oil and grease get converted to wax, clogging your toilet drain completely. If your toilet is already clogged due to this, have a plumber for toilet repair in Mandurah to assess the damage and fix the drain at the earliest.

5. Food & chewing gum: As you already know, chewing gum has the mighty power of sticking to anything, be it on clothes, hair or your drain. It does not even dissolve in water. Also, flushing down food will only lead to a build up and eventually clog your toilet drain. Therefore, you should always wrap the chewing gum in a piece paper and throw it in a waste bin. As for your leftover food, the waste bin is again the right place to dispose of and not in your toilet.

6. Cigarettes: Ashtrays and waste bins are the places where cigarettes belong. Cigarettes have filters that do not dissolve in water and ultimately block the septic tank. Hence, if you don’t want to spend behind costly repairs, avoid flushing cigarettes in your toilet.

Conclusion: Not anything and everything can be flushed down your toilet. And if you think your toilet to be an all-in-one disposal unit, get ready to have more toilet clogs over and over again. In case your toilet is already clogged, don’t hesitate in availing a service for toilet repair in Mandurah so that you get back a smooth running drain again. Oh! And do think twice before flushing down anything else to prevent further clogs.

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