Blocked drains are one of the worst things that can happen in a household. They are not only nasty but also have the capability to become one of the unhealthiest odour-inducing problems if not fixed in time. While it is an inconvenience most homeowners face at least once in their life, you can try to ensure that the chances of you facing it are low. This blog would highlight the various reasons your house might have blocked drains in Mandurah and the ways you can fix those issues.


  1. Hair: Clogged drain due to hair doesn’t happen in one single day but gradually. Removing hair from the mouth of the drain is quite an easy to do task but if left like that, it clogs your drain over time. But how does hair reach the drain? While taking shower or getting ready, hair fall off the body and find a way into the drain.

Solution: Wear gloves and pull out those small amounts of hair. You can even use drain spiders to separate the hair from the drain. However, if your drain pipes are already blocked, don’t delay in contacting a blocked drain plumber in Mandurah.

  1. Plants and Dirt: Drains also get blocked when natural wastes like leaves, dirt, tree parts or shrubs get inside. Apart from the leaves, tree roots growing underneath are also the culprit for blocking the drains. While regular garden maintenance is important to flaunt a well-tended garden, don’t forget to schedule a drain maintenance service periodically to keep your drains healthy and problem-free.

Solution: Keep your garden clear of debris and fallen leaves. Do not leave your garden mess unattended for long as it will severely block the drains. Water the trees sufficiently so that the roots won’t reach the drain for moisture. If the drain pipes are cracked for the penetrated tree roots and there are leaks and blockages, it’s time to get the blockage cleared by availing a professional plumbing service.

  1. Grease: Kitchen is the primary place from where grease and fat are released down the line. These are fatty and sticky substances that clog the drain and can be very difficult to clear out. Grease sticks to the interior portions of the pipes and eventually, blocks the passage for other liquids, causing a clog.

Solution: Strictly avoid pouring kitchen grease down the drain. The grease cools down and accumulates on the insides of the pipes. Instead of disposing kitchen oil and grease in the sink, collect it in a container or glass jar and toss it out with other garbage.

  1. Toiletries: Disposing toiletries like baby wipes and nappies is an irresistible habit for many. When you flush toiletries, such items plunge in water, absorb moisture as much as possible and enlarge, blocking the bathroom drains and pipes.

Solution: Toiletries must be disposed of in the right manner. Discard these items along with your other trash; throw them into the trash bins instead of flushing them down. Should your bathroom drains be blocked already, call an expert plumber to relieve the clogged drain.

  1. Bad Pipe Installation: Inaccurate pipe installation is also one of the top reasons for blocked drains in Mandurah. If you’re fond of DIY pipe installation ideas, let us tell you it will only lead to issues like fractured pipes, incorrect water flow and demand expensive repairs.

Solution: Only a licensed plumber should install the pipes in your home. Having professional expertise, a plumber will ensure proper installation of the pipes in the wall and underground, eliminate blockages and foster a healthy water flow.

  1. Foreign Objects: Don’t be surprised but experienced plumbers have reportedly claimed to have discovered children’s toys, electronic waste, soap, food pile-up and other foreign materials, all from the drain. It’s high time that you stop treating your drain as a waste bin and avoid flushing down all kinds of foreign items.

Solution: Resist the urge to flush anything down the toilet except for its designated use. Dispose food scraps, electronic waste and other trash in a proper waste bin and not the drain.

Why Hire Professional Plumbers for the Job?

Blocked drains are one of the messiest plumbing problems that you’ll ever encounter. And DIY fixes are only good as temporary solutions to the problem. If delayed, it can cause severe damage to the pipes, requiring expensive repair and replacement job.  A professional plumber investigates the cause for the clogged drain and employs the best techniques and tools to quickly but safely relieve the clogged drain. Besides, they possess profound knowledge that helps them to analyze the situation and tell whether there is a bigger problem lying underneath. QA Plumbing is a reputable plumbing company offering a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing solutions, including blocked drains in Mandurah. Feel free to reach us for any kind of plumbing problem.


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