One of the most unfortunate and embarrassing plumbing mishaps is toilet clogging. There are several causes that are responsible for such toilet clogging and so it is difficult to identify the sole cause behind such a clog. The good news is that causes most of the toilet clogs can be avoided altogether with slight prevention, and many more can be cleared up with just a minute or two of vigorous plunging. But for those other, more difficult cases, you may need to call upon your expert toilet plumber in Mandurah.

In this blog, we shall discuss the reasons that are responsible for clogging your toilet.

1. Disposing of wrong things- Ideally, your toilet is supposed to flush out human waste products and toilet paper only. But if you want your toilet to be like a black hole, you are doing injustice to your toilet! In other words, you must get rid of the habit of flushing everything starting from cotton balls and swabs to dental floss and even feminine products. These go down the drain and creates a blockage as they don’t disintegrate unlike toilet paper. Hence such stuff clog your toilet and create a dismal situation where you have to call an emergency plumber in Mandurah without any second thought.

2. A blockage in the trap- A trap is a u-shaped bend in the pipe that stays filled with water and it is present in all drain pipes. To prevent the spread of bad odour inside the home from the sewer line, the water is filled in this trap that prevents the entry of such foul odour. A toilet trap in its normal condition, is efficient in ‘trapping’ the bad smell but there is also a chance to develop a clog in this trap. It is important to know that even if you are careful about the materials flushing in the toilet, disposing of excessive toilet paper can also lead to clogs.

3. When the flapper is inefficient- There is a rubber gasket at the bottom of your toilet tank that you will be able to see on taking off the lid. This is known as the flapper and it opens during flushing so that the water in the tank is able to flush down into the bowl. A case of feeble flush is noticed when the flapper refuses to open completely and this causes clogs since the contents of the bowl are not pushed deep down into the drain pipe. But there is no need to worry in this case as it can be easily fixed. The flapper is usually attached with an adjustable chain to the flush arm so just move the chain so that it is shortened and then attempt a test flush.

4. Don’t forget to check the roof of the house- In many cases, when there is no possibility of flushing in the toilet, many homeowners think that the clog is in the drain pipe. But that might not be the case; your toilet’s vent can also develop such clogs. Many fixtures for bathroom plumbing in Mandurah have a vent in the roof of a home so that your plumbing system can enjoy fresh air from the air created when the water drains. Clogging can occur in this vent that becomes filled with debris. You will find slow-flow with gurgling sound or in the worst case, the flow might completely stop from the toilet. In such a case, do not hesitate to call a professional plumber in Mandurah to prevent any further consequences.

Conclusion- Thus these are some of the reasons when your healthy toilet can suffer disastrous clogs and you will need an expert plumber to restore your plumbing system.

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  • Nathan

    December 13, 2018 | Reply

    When real problems occur on your plumbing, it is better to call some real professionals rather than trying to fix it for yourself which may cause more problems.

  • Nick

    December 28, 2018 | Reply

    The blog has been helpful by awaring me of the toilet clogs causes. Previously, I had the wrong notions about the things that could clog the toilet but reading this blog has cleared my doubts completely.

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