Blocked drains are admittedly the most annoying plumbing issue that you will ever face in your lifetime. With a blocked drain, your usage of water becomes restricted or completely ceases. Your plumber might take an hour or two to reach your home so what should you do during that time? Obviously you search for DIY tips to clean the drain on the internet. But do you know? Some of these information can be misleading and worsen your situation? Also, there are some useful tips too that can relief your clogged drain easily. You must know the myth and the true facts about drain cleaning so that there is no adverse results in the long run.
So let us look at the common myths and the truth about drain cleaning:

1. All drains perform the same work- There are several pipes in your home and each of them works differently. This means that all of them do not have the same features. So the method of drain cleaning is also different for each of the pipes. Many homeowners think that since all the pipes lead to the main sewer, it is alright to apply the same drain cleaning method. But plumbers in Mandurah use a variety of pipes for a different use. For instance: the drainage pipes used for sinks and showers is different from the sewer pipes that collect toilet wastes. To avoid having serious problems like blocked sewers, do not try to attempt drain fixing without proper knowledge.

2. Commercial chemicals are the best to relieve drain clogs- The commercial chemicals that are available abundantly in the store are not only harmful to the environment but also for your drains because it can worsen the clog. Actually chemical drain cleaners are perfect to use if you have minor drain clogs but are of no avail for serious drain clogs. The main problem of using chemical drain cleaners is that it only relieves water flow temporarily but underneath the problems still exists. You may again have blocked drains after a few days. So the only solution is to hire a professional plumber and get the job done.

3. All plumbers are expert in drain cleaning- This is not true at all. You may think drain cleaning is a common plumbing service but in reality, not all plumbers are trained to do this job efficiently. There are plumbing companies in Mandurah that spell it out to their clients what are their specialized services that also includes drain cleaning.

4. Minor drain cleaning is a DIY project- Drain cleaning is a job of the professional and unless you are an expert, DIY drain cleaning should not be attempted at all. Without proper knowledge, you could end up making the blockage worse and irreparable.

5. The water flow is slow but it will be alright- If you notice reduced speed in the water flow, take it as a signal of upcoming drain blockage. Immediately call for a plumber and get the drain checked before it becomes unmanageable.

Conclusion- Paying heed to all these myths can make drain cleaning a painful and expensive affair. So bust all these myths and say YES to happy, easy and safe drain cleaning!

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  • Landry

    May 19, 2019 | Reply

    Before I read this blog, I used to practice most of the drain cleaning myths discussed here. This blog has opened my eyes and now I know how to care for my drain in the right way!

  • Dorothy

    June 18, 2019 | Reply

    Most of the myths mentioned in this blog, are followed by majority homeowners, including me. Fortunately I read this blog at the right time; now I know how to have clog-free drain!

  • Harvey

    September 26, 2019 | Reply

    Before I read this blog, I used to believe in most of the drain cleaning myths mentioned here. Fortunately, I read the blog at the right time and now I can save my drain from getting clogged and causing me serious troubles!

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