Let’s face it – not all people are careful enough to conserve water in whichever way possible at their houses. However, the fact that the entire world needs water and global warming is at its peak doesn’t change. A few steps are all that takes to save water and in turn, your water bills as well over the years. You would be surprised at the most trivial of ways to save water which, when accumulated through years, can be of enormous help. So, through this blog, let residential plumbers take you through saving water in your own home for the best.

Save Water the Right Way

Do you always do whatever it takes to save water in your house and will appreciate the help of professionals to help you with the same? You have come to the right place then. Your house may be wasting water in ways you will never be able to pinpoint and ignoring the same can cause pretty expensive problems in the future. That is why we have come up with the most common ways you should know your house is wasting water and give you an update on how to fix them.

  1. Ancient Toilet: The toilet of the bathroom is often thought of something that would last you the entire life without any severe problems, and that is where you are wrong. Yes, repairing the toilets every now and then can solve a lot of issues, but replacing it altogether can help save a lot of water. Older toilets can use around six gallons of water per flush while the newer models keep the limit to be less than three gallons.
  2. Old Showerhead: You might be thinking that taking shorter showers can help save a lot of water, but while that might be a good step, an old showerhead cannot help with that. Such showerheads waste a lot of water when in use whereas, the new models are created in a way that they use less water.
  3. Faulty Water Filtration: As you call residential plumbers, you might want them to check on the water filtration system. Especially when a water softener is being used, it can easily malfunction and go through multiple cycles, thereby wasting a lot of water. The right time to call professional plumbers is when you hear the water treatment system running.
  4. Faucets that are Leaking: This might sound extremely basic, but leaking taps can waste a gallon of water without you even knowing, over time. Treating it on time, right when it starts happening for the first time, can save your water bills from going above the roof.
  5. Hidden Leaks: Another common reason for water wastage in your house is a hidden leak somewhere in the drainage or sewage system. If your water bill suddenly turns high and there is no immediate sign visible that can be the reason, know that there might be a hidden leak somewhere causing it. Fix this as soon as possible by calling professionals to stop water wastage.

Conclusion: Residential plumbers will be able to guide you every step of the way and let you know how you can solve all these queries. If you have been looking to talk to professionals about the pipes and drains in your home, you can get in touch with QA Plumbing. As a certified company, QA Plumbing offers licensed plumbers twenty-four hours a day for both residential and commercial purposes, in and around Mandurah. Should you want to know more, contact today.

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