As a profession, until a long time, plumbers were always taken for granted. Every homeowner thought that there could never be as much of a problem with the drainage or the sewage where a plumber has to be summoned. Things, however, have taken a turn for the worst in several cases. Today, for every small problem, plumbers have to be called because the do-it-yourself methods do not work. Having said that, several misconceptions are still flooding in the minds of homeowners which stop them from calling plumbers immediately. This blog aims at busting all those myths.

Debunking Common Myths about Plumbers

We are sure, whenever you think of calling a plumber for an emergency at your home; several thoughts cross your mind. Some of the most common of them and the truths behind them are:

1.Messy: When you opt for professional residential plumbers from a reputable company, you can rest assured that they will not create any mess in your home. They are specially trained to keep things clean, and you might also find your home to be cleaner than what it was before they arrived. Some of them also wear shoe covers to prevent any outside dust from coming inside!

1.Professionalism: All thanks to the book and movie representation of the same, the first image of plumbers that come in our minds is that of plaid shirt-wearing men who are not only dirty but are smelly as well. However, this is where the thin line between fact and fiction comes to light. In reality, if you contact a professional plumber, you would find a uniform wearing gentleman at your doorstep with a toolbox.

1.Expensive: First off, you must note that there are no overtime charges taken by a plumber if you are hiring them from a professional company. Each service offered by them comes with a price tag, which includes the repair or replacement of the damaged parts and then the labour charge. Companies typically have a rate chart or they inform you of the approximate charge of the particular work, and they do not charge any extra money for that once the job is done. However, if, while working on one particular side they find that other things need repair, you would be asked once, and only upon your approval would they check that side of the drain.

1.Fake promises: The core idea behind hiring a professional company for the plumbing work is getting your drainage or sewage problems fixed. Now when you hire a plumber who isn’t able to fix your problem the way you wanted, you must know that the situation must be very challenging for even them. Having said that, the companies ensure that the plumbers are trained before sending them off to work so that they can handle even the trickiest of situations with ease.

1.The correct equipment: One might say that they have often seen residential plumbers arriving at their house without having the right equipment, but there is a logical explanation behind this as well. Each plumber brings a toolkit that includes all the important and most widely used tools for any plumbing job. But not all problems get fixed with the same, and they cannot be sure of the level of the problem till they have been to the site. Replacement parts, also, might take time to arrive and the plumber is not at all fault in any of these cases.

Conclusion: QA Plumbing is a company based in Mandurah that has experienced and well-trained plumbers who have been in the industry for long. These professionals are aware of all the nitty-gritty related to your plumbing and know how to handle difficult situations as well. Apart from the basic kitchen and bathroom problems, plumbers of the company can also aware of how to fix gas leaks and issues. Should you want to know more, visit

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