Having a clean & obstacle-free sewage is very necessary. This allows the wastewater to swiftly pass through the drain without accumulating anywhere. But if tree roots have grown inside the sewer line, the problem can really become your headache. Having tree roots in the drain can be a long-term problem if not treated in the right way & without any expert invention.

In this blog, we shall discuss the ways by which you can discover the tree roots inside the sewer line & the necessary treatment for it.

Ways to prevent tree roots in the sewer line

1. Get to know the location from where & till which extent does the sewer line runs into your house. You can ask your local sewer department or home inspector for this information & accordingly prevent the growth of plants & trees.

2. You can also obtain information about the trees growing nearby your sewer lines so that you might know from beforehand whether these trees will pose a threat to your drain or not. If the tree has partially grown, remove the tree completely with its roots because if it grows larger, it will be difficult to remove when the roots have already spread over a large area.

How will you detect & repair tree roots in sewer line?

If your home is repeatedly suffering from plumbing problems, this could be an indication that your sewer line might be having tree roots growing inside. There are various ways by which you can deal with this problem:

1. Mechanically remove the roots: You can cut the tree roots that have grown in the pipes, by appointing a professional since he has various tools to serve for this purpose specifically. The machine pulls out the roots so that the passage is cleared for the waste to flow out. Remember that this is just a temporary way of fixing the problem & you can go for other treatments for a permanent solution.

2. Use chemicals: This step comes after mechanically removing the roots & it is better to engage professionals to do the job. They kill the roots by using strong chemicals so that the roots aren’t able to support the growth of the trees. These chemicals are also called ‘root control products’. In a sewer line, only a small portion of the pipe’s bottom is filled with water. So these chemicals will effectively burn the portion of the roots that are inside the water.

3. Repair the sewer line: If the tree roots have caused severe damage, it is definitely feasible to go for a repair work. Repairing the sewer line involves lining the pipe with durable products that eventually leads to a formation of a new pipe inside the old one.

4. Use of cured-in-place-pipe(CIPP): This is considered to be the most permanent solution to root problem in the sewer line. First, the existing roots need to be cleared out with a high-pressure water jet. Then comes the use of state-of-the-art-technology to line the existing pipe with CCIP. Once you do this, you can stay rest assured of having no root growths in your sewer line.

Conclusion- If roots have infested your sewer line deeply, it is better to go for professional plumber help. The growth of tree roots can be a big drainage problem for any house.

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  • Hudson

    October 26, 2018 | Reply

    Having tree roots in the sewer line is a recurring problem in the area I live in. My sewage has been repeatedly troubled with tree roots, blocking the passage for free flow. This blog has been really helpful as now I am aware of the ways by which I can permanently stop the growth of tree roots.

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