As the plumbing system in your home plays a necessary role in the way of managing the needs of water and soluble waste materials, you should be aware of the basics of the plumbing system in your home. We believe that you perform regular maintenance tasks by hiring one of the best plumbers in Mandurah, however, are you safe from some popular myths doing rounds the industry?

In this blog, we shall discuss some common plumbing myths and prove how they are just myths.

The Myths

Dripping pipes/taps are not the signs of serious plumbing issues – Dripping taps and pipes are the initial signs of plumbing issues. It may seem that the leak is insignificant but have you ever thought that you can waste gallons of water a year like that? Ironically you are paying for that amount of water. In some cases the dripping part can be replaced by a washer in the faucet at a very nominal cost. If that doesn’t suffice, replacing the faucet or calling the plumber is the ultimate solution.

DIY methods could replace a professional help- Some plumbing issues cannot be simply fixed by your own self. You may at the most replace the faucet but it is advisable to call the plumber who is an expert in handling any plumbing task, big or small. You should not try the DIY tricks as it can aggravate a minor plumbing issue into a major one.

Preventive methods couldn’t ensure a trouble-free plumbing system – some people practice grinding lemons to clean their disposal while others use chemical drain cleaners to clear the clogs. Actually these both measures harm rather than benefiting. Lemons apparently will give a good smell to your waste disposal but being a citric fruit, the citric acid will also corrode the metal surface. Again the chemical drain cleaners not only consume the clog but also the pipe and the surrounding areas as well. Instead you can opt for vinegar or baking soda to clear a clogged drain. If all else fail, call a plumber.

Throwing anything and everything in the drain won’t matter- every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Many people believe a drain to be a black hole- all the wastes will be absorbed and eventually disappear. But seriously, that is not the case. Throwing everything into the drain like egg shells, leafy vegetables, bread products will clog the drain at the earliest while cheese and other greasy stuffs will coat the pipes with a layer that would be difficult to remove. So you should make sure about the stuffs you are throwing into the drain to prevent frequent clogs.

Explosion of water-heaters? No way!- using the latest water heaters mean no-explosion, no matter for how long you are using it. Although it is true that the modern water heaters can highly endure internal pressure and reduce the probability of explosion. But if the thermostat and pressure are extremely high or faulty parts are fixed inside, the hot water can cause serious damage to your surrounding areas. In order to prevent this, stop over-heating your water-heaters and conduct an annual maintenance of the product.

Conclusion: If you’re facing some issues with your plumbing system, better to call your trusted plumbing company in Mandurah. Applying the DIY methods aired on YouTube could bring more troubles than serving any good.

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