Maintaining leach drainage system are not easy. Most people don’t know what the function of a leach drain is let alone maintain it. Some important information about leach drain system care and maintenance are in the following excerpt. Take a look to know more –

What is leach drain?

Leach drains refer to a rectangle concrete box minus a bottom and along the sides has tiny louvers cast into the side wall to enable water to come out and soak into the surrounding ground. These are generally installed after installing the septic tank through a diverter valve. Leach drains are butt up to each other and installed in the long lines. After the leach drain has been successfully installed, the concrete slabs are placed at each end in order to seal the drain. This is the right way to prevent debris from entering the drain and resultantly causing unavoidable blockages.

Wondering about the purpose of leach drain installation? Well, a leach drain is installed for the purpose of dispersing the liquid that has been broken down and removed of any solid material. Leach drains and septic drains are generally installed in the areas where main sewerage is not available.

The ideal length of leach drains:

The length of a leach drain depends on some factors that include the total number of fixtures within the building, the type of ground, etc. If not installed properly, a leach drain can soak and flow. To stop this, it is essential to avert a leach drain system completely ( installed above the ground).

In some cases, the leach drains should be installed higher than the septic system. The leach drain should be fully inverted as well as covered in the premium quality self-draining soil. This is a very common practice in the high-clay areas where drainage system is not up-to-the-mark and the soil remains very cohesive.

Maintainance tips for leach drain:

Maintaining the leach drainage system is of utmost importance. A well-maintained leach drain ensures that the system can work smoothly. So, the waste must be broken down and then safely disposed into the ground. If the leach drain is not maintained and serviced properly, its maintenance and repair charge can burn a hole in your pocket.

The build-up of sludge and blockages caused by improper maintenance are very common occurrences. It can be solved by pumping the leach drain and septic tank out every two to three years to eradicate the build-ups within the system.

Make sure that the septic system is diverted between two leech drains, so the disbursement of liquid remains even. If it is not done, the soil around the leach drain can get very soggy, which can cause foul odors in future.

Maintenance tricks and tips:

1. Pump the septic tank out every 2-3 years by an expert
2. Do not dispose any non-biodegradable materials into the drain
3. Refrain from disposing bleaches, biocides or heavy detergents into the system


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