Pipes often get blocked due to various reasons. Blockages can occur at any point and the damage caused can be quite severe.

When the pipes in your home get blocked, the waste in the system is prevented from being expelled from your home. The blockage generally tends to build at the site of the clog and can get to such a point where the waste that has been already flushed or washed down the drains has nowhere to go which can result in it making its way back up the pipes thereby causing it to overflow. This will result in your home being flooded with dirty and smelly wastewater. That should be your cue to contact trusted services for residential plumbing in Mandurah.

Floods which are the result of a clogged drain or a blocked toilet can be quite damaging. So, how can you tell if there is a blockage problem in your pipes?

1. Unpleasant Odour

When your pipes or drains are partially or fully blocked, a strange smell may emanate from drains and other surrounding areas as the water gets trapped in the pipes which can result in stagnation.

2. Draining Water Accompanied by a Strange Noise

One of the most noticeable signs of a pipe problem is slow drainage. Some of the common symptoms are- water accumulating at your feet while you are in the shower, the bathroom sinks fill up with water while you are brushing your teeth. If you find any of these things happening, you should immediately get in touch with plumbing services in Mandurah.

3. Forearm Technique to Detect Partially Clogged Pipe

There are several DIY methods of detecting a chocked pipe. It might not be realistically possible to pinpoint a clogged pipe however, practice may raise the level of perfection. The forearm technique might help you reach a foot of the problem.

A partially blocked pipe is the one that will need a couple of hours to be drained completely. Many people are of the opinion that the forearm technique is the finest no-tool method for detecting a partially blocked pipe. For this, you would have to fill the pipe with hot water. The forearm is pretty sensitive to feel hot water and hence, you need to touch the pipe with your forearm.

A few other utility toolsets would be an infrared camera or a temperature gun. As these tools are not commonly available, your forearm would serve the purpose in a better manner.

4. Comparing the Empty Versus Full Sound

This DIY method will work towards the detection of a completely clogged pipe. Herein, the addition of hot water would make things even more complicated. Tapping the pipe with a screwdriver might serve the purpose. You need to repeat the action once the pipe is full and once it is empty. We agree that the sound difference is too subtle to detect but a little more attention will help you there.

When you are assured of a blocked pipe in your home, you should immediately contact plumbing services in Mandurah. Please remember that only experts could provide niche services and DIY rules might not always prove fruitful.

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