A slow drain can become a huge hazard if not taken proper care of in time. Hence, it should not be overlooked or its repairs should not be postponed at any cost. With time, such issues can magnify and you will find yourself in a messy situation where you have to invest a great deal of money to get them repaired. So, make it a point to call a residential plumbing service and get rid of clogged pipe and slow drain issues without investing a fortune. However, you can always nip such issues in the bud by cleaning your drain from time to time. No, you do not have to DIY. But, you also cannot sit back and relax. A few precautionary measures will ensure you do not suffer from slow drains or clogged pipes often.

Refrain from pouring grease down your drain
Think of your pipes as the arteries of your heart. Just like foreign substances, for example, plaque and tar, block the free flow of your blood in your arteries, the same thing takes place when you pour grease down your drain. It accumulates in the pipes, solidifies and ultimately clogs it. So, never ever pour any greasy substance, although it may seem to be the easiest method of disposal at that moment.

Check Twice Before Flushing
Be careful about what you are flushing. Check once before you hit the plug. Never flush sanitary napkins, cigarette butts, grease, oil, bandaids, medication, flushable wipes or any other foreign substance or it may lead to clogged pipes and slow drains. You should also keep a check on your hair and avoid flushing loose hair down your toilet.

Dispose of Your Garbage Properly
Your toilet is not the right place to dispose of your garbage and neither the sink. Keep all those separately in a polythene bag and dispose it of properly every day. It is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness and therefore you should take necessary steps to ensure a clean and hygienic home.

Purchase Sink Strainers
Sink Strainers are a great investment ensuring long-term benefits. They prevent dirt or heavy chunks from getting into the system and clogging the pipes. If you install them in your kitchen sinks, it will prevent food materials or any chemical waste from entering your pipes and clogging the entire system.

Buy a Lint Catcher For Your Washing Machine Hose
Lint catchers protect your pipes from getting clogged. If your washing machine hose empties into the sink, it is essential for you to buy a good quality lint trap to maintain the smooth flow of liquid in your pipes. Otherwise, your septic system may get jammed with lint and other fibres. It is quite an affordable equipment that you can either buy separately or ask your washing machine dealer to install it for you.

Clean Your Pop-Up Stopper
You should clean your pop-up sink stopper from time to time. Every weekend, make it a point to wear your gloves, remove your pop up stopper and clean it properly using the right cleaning substances. That is the least you can do to keep clogged pipe issues at bay.

Sometimes, there are issues and repairs you cannot attend to yourself. That is when you should call an emergency plumber in Mandurah to help you out. Search on the internet and find the most reputable local plumbing services out there, read the reviews and choose the one that meets your specific requirements. Do not ignore the problem and let it grow into something bigger and worse. Opt for professional help in time.

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