We all claim to love our pets unconditionally. But when our plumbing gets damaged due to them, our love soon vanishes! Almost every home has a pet and accompanying this, is the constant pet-related plumbing problem. There must have been times when you have scolded your poor best friend for damaging the pipes or digging the yard at a depth for which you had to call licensed plumbers in Mandurah. Or perhaps, he/she may have drunk from the toilet bowl! But have you ever thought, how will that little animal know the difference between the right and wrong?

To put an end to your ‘pet-peeves’ related to plumbing, we will tell you the best ways to make your plumbing pet-friendly.

1. Conceal the exposed pipes: Just as you would child-proof your home, pet-proofing does not carry that much of an air of difference. It uses almost the same basic principles centring around hiding the risky things. You don’t want your pet to get hurt, right? So firstly, cover up all the pipes or wiring that are exposed. To do this, purchasing some pipe covers would be a great idea. Adding basic covers to the pipes will keep your dog away from chewing them (pipes).

2. Install pressure-balancing valves: You are having a nice warm shower and someone flushes the toilet in the other bathroom. All of a sudden your hot water leaves you scalded. What did that just happen? If you experience this often, then probably your plumbing is telling you to install pressure balancing valves. There is a high chance of hot water spattering out of your faucets suddenly and scalding anyone who is using it. This occurs due to the absence of pressure balancing valves. Unexpected release of hot water can be a minor trouble for you but when it comes to your pets, it is a BIG problem. You can opt for professional plumbing service in Mandurah and get pressure-balancing valves immediately installed in your home.

3. Use drain guards: Did you just think that your shower drains are mostly clogged due to human hair and soap residues? Possible no, especially if you own a dog or cat. Pets shed a great quantity of fur/hair while bathing them. These hair accumulate in your drain’s mouth causing a blockage over time. What to do? Of course, you can install drain guards; they prevent the entry of both human and pet hair in the drain and thereby reducing the chance of blockage. With a drain guard installed in your bathroom, say goodbye to drain clogs forever!

4. Remember to close the toilet lid: Never use chemical drain cleaners if you have an adorable pet. Although these drain cleaners can sometimes dissolve the clogs, they can equally affect your pipes too. Most importantly, if your pet gulps chemical drain cleaner, it can invite immense trouble and surely, you wouldn’t want that. Even if you are using chemical drain cleaners, always keep the toilet’s lid closed. In this way, it would be impossible for your pet to open the lid and ingest that water.

Conclusion: All things considered, your love for your pet is unconditional. And for this reason, pet-proofing your plumbing is a necessary step. These are some of the ways that will make your plumbing safe for your pet. In case it is difficult for you to install the plumbing equipment or cover the pipes, you can always have any licensed plumbers in Mandurah to do the job.

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