Most people are sceptical about washing their vehicles, utensils, and taking a shower with low water pressure, but a high water pressure automatically translates to an increased water bill. With every 10 minutes of high-water pressure usage, around 6 to 26 gallons of water is wasted, and no one is accountable for the same. According to an experienced local plumber Mandurah, high water pressure can cause too much long-term damage to the pipes. How? Well, let’s find out!

How high is high water pressure?

Low water pressure makes people come out of their comfort zone, thereby making things inconvenient for them, but they don’t understand the damage high water pressure can create. According to statistics, if the water pressure is above 80 PSI (pounds per square inch), it can damage the plumbing fixtures and lead to pipe bursts. For most domestic plumbing instruments, however, the ideal water pressure mostly falls between 45 and 55 PSI.

How can high water pressure damage the plumbing system?

The most common outcome of high-water pressure is leakage. Even a pinhole leakage can be aggravated by high pressure, resulting in a larger leak. It can cause major pipe damage as well as lead to wastage of water. It corrodes the pipes and that leads to pipe joint damage, plumbing leaks, and turbulent sounds. It also decreases the service life of the pipes and appliances such as water heater.

What are the top signs of high water pressure?

  • Knocking Noises in Pipes: There are some warning signs for high-water pressure that can be recognised if you pay some attention. When you run your shower or faucet, a strange banging sound can be heard which means that excessive water pressure is thrashed through the pipes which may lead to plumbing leaks.
  • Shortage in Hot Water Supply: Has it ever happened to you that you’re running out of hot water swiftly? Well, this could be due to high water pressure. The heater works at a set temperature, but the high pressure doesn’t allow it sufficient time to heat the water resulting in a shortage of hot water.

What are the best ways to fix the high-water pressure?

Some of the best ways to fix the problem of high water pressure can only be handled by an experienced local plumber Mandurah. Before solving the problem, though, it is important to know the cause of high water pressure. There are few instruments that can be helpful. A water pressure gauge, for example, comprises of a dial indicator to measure the force of water so that the water pressure can be regulated. One more instrument plumbers keep handy is the pressure reduction valve. It controls the high water pressure using an internal diaphragm.

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