Life can be hectic at times with countless duties and responsibilities, leaving you with little time to look into other mundane aspects like a leaking tap or pipe. Having said that, while you can easily overlook the problem for the first few days, ignoring it becomes impossible over time. One thing leads to the other and you would never know when bigger damage would befall your plumbing system. That is why hiring a professional plumber in Mandurah is necessary to keep your water pressure in check and any of the other problems away. An expert would be able to check your pipe’s condition and determine the possible reasons for your problems. In this blog, we shall discuss the reasons behind low water pressure and why you should call a licensed plumber.

Reasons You May have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be a result of numerous things, and understanding the reasons can help you be aware of them and keep them in check. Some of them are:

1.Clogged fixtures: When you face low-water pressure, more often than not, it is found in only a few places of the plumbing system. If it is either the kitchen sink or showerhead, and nothing is wrong with the rest of the house, you need to pay special attention to those particular fixtures. In this case, you need to check for the accumulation of grime, rust, or dirt along with ensuring that the faucet screen is clear. Professionals can analyse the situation, clean and if needed, replace the entire section before it is too late.

2.Problem with the valves: You need to check for the water valves present near the water meter. These are usually found both on the street side of the plumbing system and the home’s side as well. Check both these sides and see if they are open or not. In case it is the latter, that might be the most important reason for you suffering from low water pressure. Opening them can be the most obvious and effortless solution to the issue.

3.Pressure regulator: Look around your plumbing system and check it is has a pressure regulator or not. If you are suffering from low water pressure, a failing regulator might be a significant problem. Since the work of such equipment is to regulate the pressure of the water, you need to keep them stable. Too high or low can refer to a faulty regulator, which needs to be replaced.

4.Old pipes: If your household has an old piping system, it runs the risk of being rusted from the inside out. Yes, identifying this as a problem for your low-water pressure might not be the first thought you have, but having plumbers doing the check-up can ensure that this possibility doesn’t go unnoticed.

Conclusion: The low pressure of water in your plumbing system can be the first step of several other problems faced by the pipe. QA Plumbing is a team of professional plumbers in Mandurah who take care of all your requirements. To get your water pipes checked, repaired, or changed, all you have to do is dial (08) 9582 8822.

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