Being independent in your daily life is a great thing and not asking for help easily is even greater. While you may adopt this attitude in almost every situation, there are some things when you do need the help of the experts, for instance, when it concerns the plumbing of your house. If there is any trouble with the plumbing, every homeowner first tries to solve the issue by themselves by using their own tricks and ideas; when these fail (and the problem aggravates), they insanely search for a licensed plumber in Mandurah.

To avoid such madness at the last moment, certainly, you shouldn’t try out DIY tricks for every plumbing problem that you encounter.

So which plumbing problems require help from a professional plumber in Mandurah and not your DIY tricks? Have a look:

1. Continuous drain clogs: Does your kitchen or bathroom drains get clogged very often? Does the water take forever time to drain out? It is a sign that your pipes connected to the drains are badly clogged with food scraps, hair, soap residues, grease and other stuff. Using a drain cleaner to relieve minor clogs is acceptable, provided it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. But for frequently clogged drains, using a drain cleaning chemical is not enough; you must call for a licensed plumber in Mandurah and get the clogged drain treated. Also, using chemical drain cleaners for heavy clogs corrode the pipes and leads to more damage than repair.

2. Low water pressure: There are two reasons for the water pressure to be low: either the pressure is low from the municipality itself or something is wrong with your plumbing system. If it is the latter, the reasons could be a closed meter or shut-off valve or due to a blockage in the plumbing system. To know the root cause (and the right solution), you must avail professional plumbing services in Mandurah.

3. Leaks: One of the most common plumbing problems is a leak from your faucets and pipes. When pipes wear out due to prolonged usage or the O-ring and valve seat are damaged, your pipes and faucets will start to leak. You know your pipes are leaking when you are getting high water bills recurrently, there is a damp odour in the bathroom, running water meter or your bathroom has the growth of mould and mildew. Fixing a leaking pipe or faucet is not everyone’s object of study; a minor error can produce unwanted results. So it is better to leave the job to a professional plumber in Mandurah to avoid further consequences.

4. Leaking water heater: If you notice a pool of water surrounding your water heater, it is clearly telling you “I am leaking”! The cause of the leak varies; mainly it may be due to excessive pressure built up inside the tank that forces the pressure relief valve to stay open and water to leak. An expert plumber when called, will carefully inspect the water heater and see if it needs a repair or replacement. A DIY trick could further intensify the damage and hence not a good idea.

Conclusion: Plumbing issues are wide and varied and not all of them can be fixed with a simple DIY repair. By reading the above-mentioned plumbing issues, you will have a clear idea about which plumbing problem needs professional help to restore its condition.

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