Solar water heaters require routine inspection and maintenance to perform optimally. Besides, the routine inspection also helps to understand when you need to repair the system or when you need to completely replace it by calling the solar hot water installer plumber in Mandurah. However, before you inspect your solar hot water system, you should know what needs to be checked. To help you conduct a thorough inspection of your solar water heater, we have shared a complete checklist in this blog. While it may be possible for you to handle a few inspections tasks all by yourself, for other areas you need to call solar hot water inspecting professional for proper inspection.

Collector soiling

Soiled or dusty collectors will not perform optimally. Thus, you need to occasionally clean the collector to keep it dust-free.

Collector shading

Make sure your collector can function properly and there is no shading around the collector. Check for vegetation growth around the collector that is causing the shading; make a point to remove any such growth.

Seal and glazing of the collector

Check if there is any crack in the collector glazing and whether the seals are in good condition. Also, find out if there is plastic glazing and whether it has turned yellow. In such a case, you need to call the solar hot water installation services and replace it.

Wiring connections, duct, and piping

Check whether all the wiring connections of the solar water heater are tight. These may include checking any leaky pipes or whether the ducts are sealed tightly with mastic compound.

Support structure

Note whether the support structure, like the nuts and bolts that are keeping the structure together, is placed tightly or has loosened.

Roof penetrations

The sealant and flashing around the roof penetrators must not be in good condition for the system to perform properly. Make sure to check it.

Pressure relief valve

The valve should not be stuck opened or closed, for this can damage the pressure relief valve over time.

Pumps or blowers

It is essential to keep a check on the pumps or blowers (the fans) to figure out whether they are working properly. For instance, occasionally try to figure out whether the fans are operating once the sun is out. If you can’t hear the fans, then they or the collector has malfunctioned.


Check whether the dampers in the system are properly opening and closing.

Storage system

Inspect the storage tank to find out whether it is clean or are there cracks, corrosion, leak, and other signs of damage.


These are the components of the solar water heater that you should focus on when conducting a thorough inspection. In case you or the professional who is inspecting the solar water heater comes across any problem, make sure to take remedial action. You should call the best solar hot water installer plumber in Mandurah to attend to such problems. You can call QA Plumbing services, as we have more than 17 years of experience in this field and have the best resources to offer to our clients. Also, you can appoint us for any solar water heater inspection services for the best inspection services. For any plumbing-related quality service, contact us at (08) 9582 8822 or drop a mail at

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