Pipe covers a major part of the plumbing system in a property. So, if the piping system in the house develops problems, then your struggle will know no end.This is why the piping system in your house needs proper attention, inspection and maintenance. However, most house owners are reluctant to invest when it comes to the plumbing system and only do when some appliances stop working or the faucet supplies less water etc. While delay to fix the issues can be accepted in some plumbing cases, other plumbing problems can be extremely harmful to the body. One such case is the problem when the pipe gets corroded. So, it needs to be quickly fixed. Now, how will you be able to decide to fix the issue, if you are not aware of it in the first place? Thus, in this blog, we have mentioned some of the signs that will help you to understand that your plumbing system is corroded and need to be fixed.

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Top Signs of Corroded Pipes

Here are some of the ways in which you can understand that your pipes are corroded.


Cracks in pipes are one of the most evident ways to understand that they have become corroded. In the early stage, the cracks may not appear big, but if you find a pool of water beside it or water dripping out of it then it is obvious that there is a pipe burst. Now, pipe burst not only occurs due to corrosion but also causes like high-water pressure. So, if you want to know the actual reason behind it, then you need to call professional plumbers.

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Discoloured water

Imagine you have turned on the faucet to wash your dishes and find discoloured water is gushing out of it. It is natural for someone to get frightened at this condition and feel gross. Water discolouration can happen for several reasons, and you need not right away have to think that it is because your pipe has become corroded. However, it is a sign enough to give a call to the plumber and let the plumber find out what has caused the problem.

If discoloured water is emerging from your faucet, then know that you should not use this water for bathing, cooking or any other purposes.


Over time due to exposure to oxidation, the pipes can get corroded in different places mainly at the joints and this can cause water leakage. Leakage in the initial stages may not appear to the naked eye however, over time it can cause the whole pipe to burst. So, if you are someone who finds that water is leaking from the joints of the pipe and flooding the area in its proximity then call the plumbers soon.

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Reduced water pressure

If you are noticing lately that the water flow is not like before and the pressure is low, then know it can be a sign of corroded pipe. Why? Because if the pipes at your house have developed leaks or cracks or have worn out, then definitely it will impact the water flow. So, it can be a sign. However, reduced water pressure and flow can be because of other reasons as well such as pipe clogging etc. So, it is better to leave the problem in the hands of professional plumbers and let them decide what is the actual problem.

Old pipes

Pipes age and after some point, if you don’t replace them then, in future you may have to deal with the problem of corrosion. Just like other building materials, pipes also tend to wear out as it endures hard water, water acidity, oxidation and more problems. So, if you are someone who is the owner of an old house, and has an ageing plumbing system, then you must conduct a periodic inspection and invest in maintenance. Otherwise, you never know when you may face an emergency due to a pipe burst and land in a messy situation. Here, we have provided details about the lifespan of pipes, check out.

  • Cast iron- 75-100 years
  • Copper- More than 50 years
  • Galvanised steel- 20-50 years
  • Brass- 40-45 years

Now, there is an exception to this, if your pipes are made of PVC then know that will not require any replacing. Other

Causes of Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion can be caused for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

pH imbalance

The acidity present in the water eats away the copper oxide film in the copper pipes and exposes the pipes to the risk of rapid corrosion.

Hard water

If in your area hard water is supplied, it implies that the water contains a lot of minerals. When excessive amounts of mineral build-up can start impacting your pipes not only by creating blockages but also, corroding the pipes.


The water in the pipes undergoes an oxidation process and contains around 30% oxygen and 70 % nitrogen. While the nitrogen present will not interfere with the system, the oxygen can trigger a metal conversion and turn it into oxide with the help of the process of oxidation.

Three outcomes are caused by oxidation.

  • Due to rust uneven surfaces inside the pipes can be created in these surfaces over time the impurities from water can settle, and result in a build-up
  • The pipes can crack
  • The pipe can burst due to rust pinhole cracks are developed can cause a pressure build-up in the pipes.

Chemical drain cleaners

The chemical drain cleaner can cause great damage to the pipes. This is because the chemicals that are present in these drain cleaners are caustic, which means they create reactions, and break down clogs. However, on the other hand, it can also, degrade the pipe’s interior and cause the pipe to get corroded.


Now that you know the causes and signs of pipe corrosion, you can make a proper decision when it is required. So, if at any point you find that the water being supplied is discoloured, or that the water pressure is decreased, then immediately get in touch with an experienced plumber to check the plumbing system in your house, and solve the problems accordingly. If you are based in Mandurah and looking for help with such problems, then you can hire a reliable residential plumber in Mandurah from QA Plumbing Company. The company has 17 years of experience and offers solutions that are effective and more importantly affordable. You can contact them by dialling (08) 9582 8822 or send an email at admin@qaplumbing.com.au.

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