Every member of your family, at least twice a day, uses the shower to have a bath. Regular usage can block the drains and even start smelling over time. Mould or mildew growth under the drain cover is considered to be among the top reasons for the smell. Hair and grime are also common reasons. The best part, however, is that you can get rid of the smell quite easily if you call professionals for the job. But first, let’s check out a few tips and tricks on drainage plumbing Mandurah.

Reasons for a Smelly Shower Drain

As a homeowner, the one thing that you would have to know is that the most common reasons shower drains start to smell are pretty easy to fix. But to fix the situation, you would first have to know the reasons why this is happening in the first place:

  1. Clogged Stopper or Strainer: One of the most frequent reasons for a smelling shower drain is a clogged strainer. Almost all showers come with a stopper or a strainer built over the drains. These fixtures are often known to catch soap scum or hair which then flows down the drain. With time, if you don’t immediately clean it, it might start collecting and then start smelling. The best way to fix this situation or avoid the same is to clean the clogged stripper or stopper at regular intervals.
  2. Mildew or Mold Growth: When you are dealing with showers, you must know about the growth of mold or mildew. Known to be found in places that are dark and wet, this precisely means that the growth can be seen in the stopper or strainer. Ensure that you thoroughly clean the drain cover and stopper once you remove it to ensure there is no more mold growth there. You may also want to call professionals in drainage plumbing Mandurah to help clean the entire drain.
  3. Dry P-Trap: If you check the system and functionality of the drain correctly, you will come across a curving portion in the shape of a P or U, known as the p-trap. The reason the p-trap is curving is because they are made to catch and hold a portion of the water that drains through them to work efficiently. Or else, there is a chance that the sewer gas might float up the pipes and make your entire house smell like rotten eggs. To see if the p-trap is working or not, take two cups of water and then let it go down the drain. Wait for an hour or so. If you find no water after the time, know that it is time to call professionals for a checkup.
  4. Blocked Vents: Once you pour the water down the p-trap and it keeps on disappearing, you may have a case of blocked shower vents in your hand. The vents are present in the pipes to ensure that the air pushed out by the water has somewhere to go. If the vent isn’t there, the suction inside the pipe can siphon the water out of the trap. If the vent has started to clog because of the debris present inside them, your shower drain might smell. To fix the same, you need to remove all debris from the mouth of the vent first and then keep running water there till it is clean.

Conclusion: All these are the most common reasons to why your shower drain smells and you would have to follow every step to ensure you have everything in order before calling professionals to look at it. QA Plumbing is one of the most sought-after companies offering drainage plumbing Mandurah that offers emergency services. In case you want to know more, get in touch with the experts today.

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