When not sure about a work, don’t do it. This principle aptly goes with the replacement of a bathtub. It is a costly assignment with lots of labour involved; time-consuming and hazardous in the way of interfering with your daily work schedule. While your professional plumber in Mandurah could monitor it during a regular maintenance task and tell the signs, you yourself could detect them as well if you know exactly what to look for.

In this blog, we would discuss the matter in details and tell you if a simple resurfacing job would suffice for the time being or if your bathtub needs an immediate replacement.

If the tub is performing in an ideal manner?

Bathtubs are not installed for ornamental purpose. They are there for a specific purpose. The most important function of a bathtub is to hold water. But if you notice little or large amount of water on the floor in the surrounding areas of your bathtub every time you fill it, then by all probability your bathtub has a leak. In that case leaving it in that precarious condition could induce mould growth besides causing a heavy damage. Thus opting for a replacement is the only available option you must avail.

Is a remodelling work a necessity?

Remodelling and refinishing a bathtub is not an easy task. Needless to say the expenditure behind remodelling is more than the actual cost of the tub. But have you ever checked whether your bathtub is worth for a remodelling? Before spending a lump sum on refinishing your bathtub, make sure it is in a workable condition to avoid the drain of your financial resources.

Difficulty in cleaning

Bathtubs should be regularly cleaned so that they can serve their ultimate purpose. There are high chances that your bathtub will get dirty the more frequently you use it and it will get stained too. In consequence, you end up scrubbing it heavily with acidic chemicals that can spoil the surface. But for minor stains, little scrubbing can suffice but in case you find out that you are cleaning it more than it’s needed, its time you go for a new bathtub.

Choose a replacement tub

When you find that your previous bathtub is requiring more frequent repairs in spite of fixing it, it is time that you replace your tub. Ultimately that tub will suffer a deteriorated condition and it is time that you stop spending on that useless article that is of no use.

Practicality or functionality

Ideally, a bathtub’s main purpose is to allow you to take that luxurious dip in fragrant water; post-bath requires cleaning and maintenance that you must perform willingly. But apart from this, a bathtub is also supposed to provide you relaxation. But if climbing out of your tub is a grave problem, maybe due to shortage of space or wrong placement of your bathtub, all your relaxed moments will surely go down the drain! So if you are facing such a problem, it is time to replace it or get rid of it.

You just wish to replace your bathtub

If you are spending a great deal of time in repairing and fixing your bathtub rather than on enjoying a nice shower, it’s time that you replace it instead of investing your precious time and money. A replacement of bathtub also arises when you mistakenly purchase an unsuitable bathtub that doesn’t fit your bathroom space.

Conclusion: The complicated task of replacing a bathtub needs the intervention of experienced plumbers in Mandurah. Better to leave the tasks of experts to them only and focus on the rest of other plumbing maintenance works.

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