If you are a homeowner, we bet that you have searched for easy to work with drainage solutions to your problems. Well, if you have, you wouldn’t be the only one doing the same. However, not all times do these solutions work the way they are supposed to and end up doing more harm than good. If you are looking forward to changing the game and work towards more permanent solutions to your problems, you should hire a reliable plumber MandurahThis blog would debunk the most common plumbing myths that have taken up the world by storm.

Common Plumbing Myths You Need to Stop Believing

A quick solution to your blocked drain is something al homeowners crave. But what most people don’t know is that these DIY solutions can actually damage the drain in the long run. They cause problems which take a long time to solve and cost a hefty amount as well. So, today, let us break a few of the most traditional plumbing misconceptions that you will have to stop believing:

  1. All drainage systems work the same: First off, your home is made up of several kinds of pipes that are meant to work differently, and each of them has their individual properties, making them unique. This means that the method of cleaning of the drain and the way it works is going to different for them as well.
  2. Store-brought chemicals are excellent: Oh come on! How many times have we used store-bought chemicals for the quick fixes of your drains? Innumerable, right? Well, what if a reliable plumber Mandurah tells you that these are not only bad for the environment and the health of the residents of the house but can also make the clog worse?
  3. All plumbers are experts in drain cleaning: Similar to professionals from other fields, plumbers also specialize in a thing or the other, but not are aware of how to clean a drain. Yes, drain cleaning is a common service, but if you are looking for an expert plumber to fix the problem, you should look for those who are skilled enough to handle the issue.
  4. Sink blockage is an expensive problem: This is a normal thought process that goes on in the minds of several homeowners. Well, you need to know that that is definitely not the case. It is a simple issue that is flexible and can be taken care of by a professional without the burden of an expansive bill.
  5. Snaking the drain is the ideal solution: How many times have we tried to believe that the best solution to a clogged drain is snaking? I am sure that the answer is more than a couple of times. Trust me when I say, drain snakes are excellent ways to find the clog, but when it comes to clearing them, snakes don’t do anything at all. You would need the help of more advanced tools for the job.

Apart from these top five myths that need to be broken others such as slow draining sinks would solve themselves out or drain cleaning is a DIY project are also misconceptions you need to stop believing right now.

Conclusion: The key to solving most of these problems related to the drainage system of your house is by calling in a reliable plumber in Mandurah. QA Plumbing is known for the exceptional service given by them to Mandurah and the nearby areas. Should you want to discuss your problem with the professionals, get in touch with QA Plumbing today.

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