Winter has already set in and now it is that time of the year when hot water is your number one best friend. With the decreasing temperatures gradually making way, you are desperately waiting for hot water in your faucet or shower to come out. But wait a minute, what if it is taking a longer time than usual for hot water to come out? The main reasons why hot water is coming slowly in your faucet, here are the reasons:

• Cold water pipes due to cold winter temperatures
• Long distance between your water heater and faucet/shower
• Low flow rate in your shower head/faucet
• The pipes are of great diameters
• Leakage of cold water into hot water due to old faucet usage

In this blog, we shall discuss theplumbing solutions to get hot water faster. These are some of the tips:

1. Insulation of pipes: During the winter season, the pipes become cold due to the reduced temperatures. As a result, when the hot water runs through the cold pipes, temperature changes and it takes time to reach for hot water to arrive at the faucet. To prevent your pipes from getting cold, you can call any professional plumber in Mandurahand get your pipes insulated. Insulation will retain heat in the pipe longer and you will get hot water faster from your shower/faucet.

2. Use of hot water recirculation pump: Hot water takes more time to come if the water heater is kept at a distance. If this is the problem, the only solution is to use a hot water recirculation pump which reduces the distance between your water heater and the faucet. A loop is created by the hot water recirculation pump with a hot water line that runs from your faucet/shower to your water heater. As a result, you get hot water instantly in your faucet.

3. Use of high flow showerhead: The relation between flow rate and how quickly hot water arrives in your shower is simple: if the flow rate of the showerhead is low, it will take a longer time for hot water to come in the shower. By calling a hot water plumber in Mandurah, you can upgrade your low flow showerhead to a high flow showerhead and enjoy hot water coming out of your faucet at a faster speed.

4. Replace the O-rings of the faucet: Do you know what happens when the faucets get old? If it is a faucet with a single handle, cold water will automatically leak into the hot stream, primarily because the O-rings inside the faucet, requires replacement. So if you encounter the problem of hot water becoming cold and coming out slowly out of your faucet, change the O-rings or call a professional plumber in Mandurah to do the job.

5. Have pipes with wide diameter? Insulate: That’s right. If you have pipes with greater diameter, water will take a longer time to travel, which explains why hot water comes out cold. According to most hot water plumbers, it is best to heavily insulate the wider pipes to keep the water warm even while travelling through the wide pipes.

Conclusion: Hot water coming out slowly is one of the most common plumbing problems. If this is a perennial problem in your house, call a hot water plumber in Mandurah and get the above-mentioned things done to accelerate the speed of your hot water!

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