Generally, people do not pay much heed to their water heaters until they start showing signs of damage. Why should you wait for that? Keep your water heater in good condition from the beginning. Otherwise, you never know they may get damaged to an extent beyond repair. So, get acquainted with the following water heater maintenance hacks and keep the hot water running forever. However, it is best to opt for professional help for the maintenance services as they involve certain risks that you may not be well aware of. Now, let us get down to those tips:

Clear The Area
Keep everything at a distance of 2 feet from the appliance while installing. The gas water heaters require adequate oxygen to function properly. If they are clumped up against the wall surrounded by other appliances, it may affect the efficiency of the heater. Also, the absence of space and oxygen may also damage the burner chamber and other parts. Furthermore, if the water heating unit starts to leak for any reason whatsoever, you will not be able to make it out until it’s too late. So, make sure the surrounding area is clean to enhance efficiency.

Drain the tank every 6 months
Clean the tank at every 6 months to get rid of all debris and sediment. Turn the water supply off, the cold one that is. Connect a garden hose pipe to the water valve and drain the tank until the water runs clear. If the water remains muddy, you can dismount the pipe for a while and let the debris stir up. Then repeat the process. You will notice clear water running soon.

Maintain the thermostat level at 50 degrees Celsius
If you do that, you are going to save about 5% of energy for every 10 degrees Celsius of temperature you reduce on the thermostat. If you are in some energy-saving mode, this is the right time.

Apart from these, there are some other maintenance hacks for water heaters like:

–  Adjusting the temperature-pressure valve annually
–  Giving your appliance proper insulation when it grows old
–  Conducting an annual inspection of your water heater by certified plumbers and more.

A water heater is an expensive thing to replace. So, make it a point to increase its durability by following the aforementioned maintenance tricks. Call the certified hot water plumbers in Mandurah whenever you feel that something is not right. They will know what is best for your appliance and repair it accordingly. After all, if the small issues are not taken care of in time, the big problems will become hard to repair. You may need to replace the entire unit for that matter. So, better be careful from the beginning and inspect your water heater regularly.

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  • Nolan Buttler

    October 25, 2017 | Reply

    Amazing info! I have just bought a new water heater as the old one was damaged. I will follow these tips to make sure this one lives longer.

  • Johnny McCarron

    September 26, 2019 | Reply

    I really appreciate your awesome water heater hacks and tricks. Our house's hot water seems to not be working at the moment. We're going to call a professional to come out and look at our system.

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