One of the most useful appliances in your home whose worth you may have overlooked many times is a hot water system. Hot water units are especially useful since it is impossible to use normal cold water in the winter season, to carry out domestic chores like laundry, washing utensils, taking bath and so on. However, what appears to be a great challenge to many is choosing the right hot water unit that will satisfy your requirements.

If you are a first-time buyer, who is unaware of the most convenient water heaters doing rounds in the market, this blog is a must-read for you!

In this blog, we shall discuss the various kinds of water heater that can meet your requirements.

1. Electric hot water system- According to most of the professional plumbers in Mandurah, an electric hot water unit is the most commonly chosen type for its many advantages compared to other alternatives. Almost every home has a stable supply of electricity and this makes installation of an electric hot water unit a convenient option. Being an affordable option, an electric hot water unit has several other benefits like provides instant hot water, easy to use and needs minimum space.

2. Gas hot water system- If you have a large family with great demand for hot water, a gas hot water system is the one you need. This hot water system can heat a large amount of water over a certain time period more effectively than any other water heater types. More specifically, gas hot water unit heats water two times faster than electric hot water. You can get your gas hot water unit installed by a licensed plumber in Mandurah and enjoy benefits like a constant supply of hot water even during power cuts, unlimited and instant hot water, no day tariffs and reduced operation costs.

3. Solar hot water system- With non-renewable resources of energy becoming limited, it is time that we become conscious of saving our environment and adopting eco-friendly solutions. One of the best eco-friendly solutions for heating water is a solar hot water system. This hot water system utilizes solar energy, which is abundantly available, to heat water. The initial cost, in the beginning, can be high but the running cost is almost zero and this is what makes a solar hot water unit worthwhile. You can install this unit with an electric or gas fuel booster to improve efficiency. Some of the other major benefits of using this hot water type are: simple to use, high competency and also allows you to get government rebates for using renewable energy.

4. Heat pump water heater- This hot water also finds a place in the list of top efficient water heaters. The working of a heat pump water heater is similar to the functioning of the heat pump, that is, natural heat from the surrounding is absorbed and then used to heat water. By appointing an efficient plumbing company in Mandurah to install a heat pump water heater, you will be guaranteed reduced running costs, maximum efficiency and prolonged lifespan.

Conclusion- If you are confused about which hot water system is the best for you, considering these 4 options can help you in your choice. Also, don’t forget to look at the other factors like your budget, available medium(electricity, solar energy or gas) and your family size. And last but not the least, whatever hot water unit type you may choose, always get it installed by a professional plumbing company for the best results.

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  • Andrea

    September 17, 2019 | Reply

    Wow! I was just discussing yesterday the need for buying a new water heater and today I came across this blog. It is a very good write up and clearly speaks about the 4 types of water heaters.

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