Trends are rapidly changing with every passing year and plumbing industry is not an exception either. Advancing technology, changing customer expectations, enhancing competition and rising significance of data generate a cumulative effect with a long-term impact. So, which 4 trends will prove crucial for the year 2018-2019?

1. Affordability to rule, however, this is the time to educate the customers: For a plumbing company in Mandurah that puts a lot of stress on quality maintenance, competing with affordable services could get tougher. This is the era of Google and Amazon customers who would perform an extensive online research and compare the prices. Wherever they get one, they would book that, not even bothering about the service quality.

The market analysts opine that this trend should be changed and in 2018, there is the need of a proper education. No, we do not mean to be preachy or there is no need for a forceful brainwashing of customers. What we meant is to have a perfect interactive session with the clients belonging to different demography. A plumbing service might seriously think about adding a FAQ section on its website.

2. Technology makes all the difference: What might actually bring a difference in the competitive world of plumbing and sewer is technology. More and more people are using technology and if the Mandurah plumbing companies could not catch them up in this sector, soon they would bite the dust. For example, even without visiting a site, multiple remote services could be offered. Remote diagnosis and remote troubleshoot are parts of technical advancement. Such options would also help in earning more profit.

3. The rising importance of online engagement: Google is helping build a closed ecosystem. In such an environment, one need not have to leave the home comfort in order to decide whom to appoint and rely on the responsibilities of plumbing.

Customers would compare prices online and check reviews. They do not even have to open their laptop as all the information is available on their smartphones or iPhones. That is why, a service for home and industrial plumbing in Mandurah should focus on building an app apt for both iOS, Android and Windows.

The call of the hour is to build responsive websites that would fit into screens of mobile and static devices. A plumbing service should contact a versatile website development and digital marketing company. Such a service provider could enhance the online presence of the plumbing company as well as build a utility driven website.

4. No place for intuition: There is no place for a gut feeling in this digital era. Businesses are based on concrete results. A plumbing service in Mandurah should be able to gather a quick financial insight to track down a trend quickly and to respond to it. Herein, the real-time bank feeds and cloud accounting could help a lot.

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