Most of the toilets in our home are tolerant enough to last for a lifetime, save for some minor repairs and fixes here and there. But do you know? You must upgrade your toilets once in a while to be in sync with the latest trends and styles. But if your toilet is already nearing its end, it is high time you consider elevating your toilet style and features to have an enhanced utility purpose.

Let us look at the latest features that you must incorporate while bringing a change over your old toilet.

1. A flush that can be used in more than one way- A normal ordinary toilet will have a rubber flapper at the base of the tank and gravity is the main principle of working. This allows the flapper to be opened up and allows the gravity to flush away everything. Apart from these ordinary flushing techniques, you can consider other options as well. You can have a pressure assisted toilet where air pressure is used that gives a more powerful and quicker flush. Then comes the dual flush toilet which works on both pressure assisted flushing system and gravity feed; in this toilet, you can also have water-saving gravity feed flush that is ideal for bowl-cleaning and liquid waste. And lastly comes the most modern flushing system- touchless flushing where flushing occurs only with a hand wave over the sensor. It is a good idea for those who are more worried about germs and bacteria and also for those who struggle while using the normal flush. You can consult any reputed plumbing services in Mandurah for the best recommendation.

2. Size and shape- Although there various fancy shapes that comprise in a designer toilet, you must consider the height and shape of the bowl before deciding any particular design. The standard height of a toilet bowl is 15 inches but it can also be lower(10inches) or higher (20 inches). Remember! Taller toilets are suitable for people having limited mobility but for children and others, if there isn’t any problem, lower toilets would be a fine feature. For bowl shape, you must choose between a round and an elongated shape. The former one takes very less space and is ideal for small bathrooms while the latter one is more comfortable and ideal for bigger bathrooms.

3. More saving, less using- The modern toilet features are based on the principle of water-saving that is primarily absent from the older standard toilets. Moreover, the latest toilet features comply with the prescribed water-saving standards by bodies like the department of energy’s ENERGY STAR labelling program and Water Sense program.

4. Smart toilets- If you are more inclined towards adopting something new and efficient, go for smart toilets that are based on technology designed to control various features. The main features of a smart toilet are temperature-controlled seats, automatic flush, LED lights, remote controls and many more. So contact the best plumbers in Mandurah to get detailed information about such toilets.

Conclusion- Even you can add such modern features to your toilet when you are aware of the latest toilet trends. All you need to do is find a licensed plumber; then you are all set to get a makeover for your old toilet.

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  • Garcia

    March 26, 2019 | Reply

    Previously, I never cared enough to add any new features to my toilet. But now that I have read this blog, it has dawned on me the need to add such useful and stylish features to my old-fashioned toilet!

  • Robert Chase

    March 28, 2019 | Reply

    Good discussion to maintain my bathroom. It is very helpful for the beginner to develop my bathroom necessary product.

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