Sometimes you ignore problems like low water pressure, stagnant water outside or slow drain month after month. Later one sunny morning you can no more deal with them because the tap has stopped working and the drain is completely clogged and is not draining even water. These situations are too common in households however, when ignored for long can be worrying. Firstly because, if you keep on ignoring, these problems are likely to aggravate and eventually you will have to pay more and secondly, more delay sometimes means waiting for more problems and more time is required to fix them. However, we also know that a household owner cannot identify every plumbing problem and so to help you identify some silent plumbing problems we have discussed some of them in this blog. If you are facing these problems make sure you hire plumber Mandurah and get rid of them soon.

Puddles of stagnant water

If you find stagnant water parked outside your house without any rain or other natural causes. Then chances are that your main pipe has developed a problem. It may not occur to you that this problem is related to your household plumbing condition since it is not inside but outside your house. This is where household owners often fail to identify the problem and ignore it until it aggravates to something more serious. Water pooling outside your needs immediate professional attention and so you need to contact the plumber soon.

Out of control water meter

If your water meter is malfunctioning as its needle is spinning uncontrollably even if water is not flowing into your house, it is a signal that you should contact the plumber. This problem can arise from minor or major water leak issues and thus, needs a proper inspection from an experienced plumber.

The pressure of water is low

Low water pressure is an immediate sign of a plumbing issue. A low water pressure hampers many household activities from washing to bathing. Thus, if you are facing this issue, call the local plumber Mandurah and solve the problem as soon as it crops up.

High water bill

High water bills are bothering and also if you are unable to locate the source it can also puzzle you. However, this is because there are multiple reasons behind it. Firstly you must check whether the household members have started using more water. If that is not the reason, you need to appoint a plumber to check out the actual problem. Commonly surging water bills occur due to silent plumbing problems like water leaks due to damaged or loose valves or running toilets.

Slow drain

Slow drains are of great annoyance and often are a result of clogs. If you face a problem like this, it’s time to beckon the plumber. A drain clog mainly occurs due to trapped food waste, debris, grease buildup, etc. Whatever is the problem an experienced plumber can easily solve your problem.


These are some of the silent plumbing problems that you should deal with on an immediate basis and get rid of them as soon as possible. These problems can be easily dismissed without proper knowledge however tends to aggravate soon. So keep a check and contact reliable local plumber Mandurah to fix them. Also, you can contact QA Plumbing at (08) 9582 8822 or email at .

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