While you are preparing for summer cleaning, it is important to remember about cleaning your pipes. The plumbing system undeniably forms one of the most important parts of your home & this is the reason why you should make sure it is properly working at all times to prevent any unforeseen consequences. Since the winter is over, you do not know what effects the cold season has had on your plumbing system & what effects the summer will have; it is simply unpredictable & damaging.

Before the onset of summer, it is necessary to conduct a thorough check on your entire plumbing system for smooth working without any disruption. You can engage a professional plumber to do these checks as they are more experienced & possess an expert knowledge.

In this blog, we shall discuss some ways by which you can check your plumbing system is summer-ready or not. Let us look at some of these ways:

1. Check for leaks- It is important to thoroughly inspect your pipes & water fixtures because leaks can happen anywhere. Make sure there is no water dripping out from or around the connections especially when a fixture is not in use. In case you detect a leaky fixture or a pipe & water accumulating in places they shouldn’t be or if you hear the sound of running water constantly, immediately call for a professional plumber in Mandurah.

2. Inspect your sump pump- Your sump pump may require some maintenance job as it may have overworked itself this winter to keep your basement free of flood. Remember to fill the basin completely with water so that your sump pump can start immediately. If it doesn’t, then take it as a sign that it needs repair. If you remove the basin, there’s grate at the bottom that requires cleaning. Also ask for a professional plumber’s visit to inspect not only your sump pump but also other water appliances.

3. Clean your drains- Drain clogs are seriously the worst thing that can happen to your plumbing system. It is always essential to periodically clean the drains as a prevention against not only clogs but also other plumbing problems. Remember to avoid chemical drain cleaners to clean the drains as it may corrode the pipes & destroy the expensive coatings on your sinks & counters. You can use hot water, dish soap, vinegar & baking soda instead.

4. Check your water heater- Undoubtedly, summer is an ideal season to prepare your water heater. Expert plumbers recommend to service your water heater every six months so that it functions properly. A damaged water heater or one that requires maintenance is at the risk of bursting & flooding your space. You must remove all the sediment deposits & debris from inside; calling for a professional inspection by a licensed plumber is a much safer idea than doing it by yourself.

5. Inspect your basement plumbing- Although you have conducted all the inspections for your appliance & water fixtures, do not forget to inspect the basement plumbing as well. Check for any exposed pipes for potential damages, wet spots, pools of water, a smell of mould. If these are found, you have a leak that must be repaired immediately.

Conclusion- Preparing your plumbing for summer season is an important activity to ensure your plumbing system functions smoothly.

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