One of the major problems with septic tanks is that most of the time when these septic tanks develop minor issues it escapes the attention of the house owners. This is why the septic tank problems don’t get the right attention until and unless the whole system fails and cause a huge problem in the household. This is also the reason why the house owners end up paying more at once. In order to help you stay aware of the problems that can be caused by septic tank plumbing issues and understand when you need to call the residential plumbing team to repair it, we have discussed the topic in this blog.

Overflowing septic tank

Excess water leads to the problem of septic tank overflowing. Most of the time overconsumption of water end up causing excess water to flow in the septic tank. For example; running the washing machine several times a day, lengthy shower time, filling and emptying the bathtub frequently, etc. All these habits fill up the septic tank and start overflowing. Apart from these problems, major plumbing problems like inappropriate tank size, solids accumulation in the tank can cause your septic tank to overflow. Informing residential plumbers can help you to fix these problems with tank installation (if required) and proper inspection of the pipes.

Infiltration of tree roots

Another major septic tank problem is tree root infiltration. Nearby plants and trees can sense the presence of water and they can infiltrate the tank through small leaks and holes. With time these roots can grow bigger and have the potential to stop the septic from functioning properly by blocking the inlet pipes and damaging the tank. If such is the case, make sure to call the residential plumbers and they will remove the plants with professional tools and clear the septic tank and repair it.

Strong odours

If a strong odor is emitting from your septic tank then chances are that you need to call the plumber to fix the issue. These problems can occur due to the usage of a strong chemical that kills the beneficial bacteria in the tank. Over time, as the waste accumulates, it does not decompose the waste, causing a strong odor. Professional plumbers can inspect such issues further and give a proper solution.

Ground movements

Sometimes due to the unexpected ground movements, the soil rises in height and also forces the septic tank to move upward, this creates an imbalance between the rest of the septic system and the tank. Due to this issue, the drainage system can develop a problem and you may notice a slow drainage process. So in case you are facing a slow drainage problem, it is beyond your control and you need to call the residential plumbers right away to fix the issue.


There can be numerous issues associated with your septic tank; however, we have addressed some of the most common problems you can face with your septic tank. So, whenever you are facing any issues like slow draining or strong ordor make sure to call the residential plumbing services in Mandurah. It is also highly suggested to get regular septic tank inspections done. For regular or emergency plumbing solutions you can always take the help of QA Plumbing services. To get in touch call (08) 9582 8822 or drop a mail at


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