When you are thinking about the different ways your plumbing system can get clogged up, shower habits doesn’t come immediately in our minds and rightfully so. However, the way you shower every morning has a big effect on the bathroom plumbing Mandurah that can have long term effects which you need to take care of immediately. This blog will explain all those effects for you to rectify.

Top Mistakes You Unknowingly Make that Ruin the Bathroom Plumbing

The bathroom plumbing system is often taken for granted by most of us because it is an essential service. However, there are quite a few common mistakes that we make which results in clogging up the entire system, thereby causing an inconvenience. Let’s take a look at some of them in details:

  1. Long, Hot Showers: Long and hot showers can feel like a life-changer after a tiring day at work as they help in speedy muscle recovery, bring down stress, and increase our blood circulation. But they can have damaging effects on the water pipes. Without proper ventilation, long and hot showers produce mould that grows through spores and continues to flourish. To avoid this situation, the usage of correct ventilation can be very helpful to eliminate humidity. Short showers not only save your money on repairs but also add to the durability factor of your water pipes and water heaters.
  2. Leaving the Loofah in the Shower: This might seem very reasonable and so often we don’t pay much heed to it. But this idea is a bad habit as the hot and humid environment is ideal for the growth of bacteria. And the worst part is when we rub the loofah on our skin; we come in direct contact with the bacteria. So, make sure to wash it before use and keep it near a well-ventilated area to let it dry. You can also use antibacterial soap for extra precaution.
  3. Hair down the Drain: Hair clogging can create a serious problem to your bathroom plumbing. When hair continues to pile up over time, it creates a blockage in your pipes and prevents water from flowing through them. It can ultimately block the drain and put a lot of pressure on the pipes, often resulting in a burst pipe. You can use a drain cover to block them to enter the pipes and collect them before they cause any trouble.
  4. Water on the Floor: Do we leave standing water on our kitchen floor? No, right? Then why is it common when it comes to the bathroom? Standing water can destroy grout, blemish our bathroom flooring, and cause damages and injuries like slipping and falling. Make sure that there is no standing water on the bathroom floor before you leave after the shower.
  5. Hard Water Build-Up: Hard water is not only an annoyance to our hair and skin, but it also blocks the outlet of your shower head. The scaly substance that surrounds the nozzles is the leftovers from the hard water. Bathroom plumbing Mandurah services advice cleaning your shower head with shampoo or vinegar to prevent any blockage.

How can the Experts at QA Plumbing Help?

Bathrooms are considered to be the most used rooms of your houses and keeping them under proper maintenance is very important. QA Plumbing provides the best plumbing services for you. We have a team of professionally trained plumbers who are always ready to serve at your doorstep, even during emergencies, at a pocket-friendly rate.

Conclusion: So, now that you are aware of the habits that can ruin your bathroom plumbing, try to avoid them as much as possible. Also, do not go for any readymade solutions as they can worsen the problem. In case you are looking for the best services for Bathroom plumbing in Mandurahvisit us at https://www.qaplumbing.com.au/.

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