As a homeowner, there are various moments in life when you want to give your house an upgrade. If you are anticipating an upgrade to your bathroom, it is always important to choose professionals who are well-trained and skilled for the job. However, not all of you are aware of the various things to look for in a Mandurah licensed plumber and end up hiring mediocre people for the job. This blog will, thus, give you a list of questions that you can ask the plumber before hiring the professional for the job.

A Check List of Common Questions to Ask a Plumber

Hiring a professional plumbing contractor for both residential and commercial purposes can help you save a lot of time and money in the long run. So, you should be well-informed on all the aspects of plumbing to choose the best plumber for the job. Some of the most common questions you can ask before hiring your plumber are:

  1. Is the estimation inclusive of all costs?

When it comes to the payment incurred for a particular job, you need to be extremely confident. There are several plumbers in the market today who might try to hide some charges till the final moment, which might amount to a lot. However, asking this question will allow the Mandurah licensed plumber to give you an estimate ballpark figure according to your description of the problem. Don’t forget to ask if the estimate includes the full cost of materials and the delays due to unforeseen complications or not.

  1. Do you charge a flat rate or on an hourly basis?

Typically you don’t jump from one plumber to the other with every problem you encounter and instead have one company in your contact list. In this case, before you sign any contracts with any company, don’t forget to ask if they will be working at a flat rate or on an hourly basis. This is because some hourly basis plumbers can try to withhold important information till the time is almost over and at times go over budget. Flat rate plumbers, on the other hand, are aware of what they signed up for, thereby giving you the best service at the best rate.

  1. When do I have to make the payment?

This is also a very important question that you need to ask your licensed plumber before beginning the work as there are several ways of payment in different companies. Especially when it comes to big plumbing projects such as cleaning the entire pipeline of the place or changing it, that could take weeks at an end, you need to confirm if the payment is done in advance, once it is complete, or each day at a flat rate. With that being said, if the contractor asks for full payment in advance, it is better to move on to a more reliable professional because there is a high chance of sloppy work.

  1. Are you insured from the necessary organizations?

The whole point of hiring a Mandurah licensed plumber is to get the best services at competitive rates and within the deadline. Any plumbing company in the industry for a long while and with a good reputation will have their insurance in place to protect their workers from any injury on the job. If the company doesn’t have any insurance and there is any injury during the work, you might be liable to cover all the medical bills for the injured worker. Knowing if the company is insured or not can help you decide between hiring them or not more easily.

Apart from these, you need to ask the plumbing contractors if they have worked on a similar project or not to be sure that they will deliver the best outcome. Knowing if there are any warranties provided by the company helps a lot as well.

Conclusion: Finding the perfect Mandurah licensed plumber can help you rest assured about the drainage and sewage systems of your house or office. QA Plumbing is a company based in Mandurah that has years of experience in the field and are available for service twenty-four hours every day. In case you want to know more about them or talk to the professionals, contact (08) 9582 8822.



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