Burst pipes, clogged drain, overflowing toilets and leaking taps are some of the most visible plumbing problems that call for a plumber’s attention straightaway. But some leaks go undetected years after years and not only do you waste money in paying a high water bill every month, but you waste water too.

Detecting a hidden leak is not an easy task; you require expertise to do it successfully. For this reason, it is always advisable to call for a plumber in Mandurah to detect such leaks and provide you with the appropriate solution. But how will you know if your plumbing system has unidentified leaks?

In this blog, we will see the types of hidden leaks that a professional plumber can detect.

1. Splash leaks: Although the most common type of bathroom leak, when you see signs like loose tiles near the tub, the paint is peeling/flaking, the ceiling has water stains or standing water on the floor even long after you have last used it, you know that there is a splash leak. Such a leak can result in more damage if left neglected for a long time.

2. Drain leaks: Drain leaks can be understood if you have damp floors in the rooms next to your bathroom or again, if the ceiling has water spots. The area around your drain’s outside gets filled with water due to a drain leak. A higher chance of drain leak occurs if you have fiberglass or plastic tubs as the materials are not sturdy enough and easily break the drain’s seal. Drain leaks are capable of damaging the floor joists or the ceiling below. So before it starts damaging your expensive flooring, do not delay in contacting a professional plumber in Mandurah.

3. Tile leaks: Do you have loose tiles? Is there any presence of constant mold? If you inspect gaps in the grout and caulk joints and find molds there or if you find dampness and stains behind the faucet’s access panel, then YES, you have tile leaks. When water percolates inside the wall at the back of any tile, the wall may start to fall off, the wall framing may be ruined or you may notice damage on the ceiling below, subfloor or the joists. Repairing your soggy wall or fixing the interior leak requires expertise. Thus, it is best to call a licensed plumber in Mandurah.

4. Toilet flange leaks: If your toilet unites with the water pipe underneath, you will encounter toilet flange leaks. When you have this kind of leak, there is water all over the toilet’s base, flooring is loose/damaged, the ceiling below has stains and even a gentle push breaks the wax seal joining the closet flange and toilet.

5. Sink rim leaks: If there is any leak that can damage the countertops in kitchens or bathrooms and even your cabinets, blame it on the sink rim leaks. To find out if you have leaks in the sink rim, check if:

– The interior of the cabinet has dampness or watermarks
– The place near the sink has loose plastic laminate
– Facet base is loose

You can contact a professional plumbing company in Mandurah to repair your sink rim leak. They have a team of qualified plumbers who use the correct tools and techniques to fix your leaking sink rim once and for all.

Conclusion: A hidden leak is like your enemy in the disguise of a good friend. Such leaks are of various types and can wreak havoc if left undetected for a long time. So if you want to avoid spending on unnecessary repairs in the long run, it is high time you take care of your plumbing and call a qualified plumber in Mandurah to identify hidden leaks and make the necessary repair.

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