It is a widely accepted fact that hair is the most common cause of blocked drains, especially in bathrooms. While a single strand of hair may seem to be harmless, but the potential of that single strand is remarkable. It is when numerous strands of hair gather in your drains along with dirt and grease, you have blocked drains in your bathroom troubling you.

To avoid the hair menace in your bathroom that causes blocked drains, several tools have been invented to keep away hair from blocking your bathroom drains. Let us have a look at the tools:

1. Shower hair catcher- The main cause of blocked drains in Mandurah is hair. It is only when you wash your hair that most of it go down the drain with water. To prevent this, you can purchase a shower hair catcher from your local hardware stores at a cheap rate; it comes in packs of 10. The main advantage is that this tool is easy to install and also effective in catching hair before it drains down.

2. Basin hair strainer- As the name suggests, basin hair strainers can be installed in bathroom sinks, laundry basins and bath drains. The main working procedure for this tool is that it acts as a strainer- it allows water to pass freely while holds back hair and other residues that might block your drains. This tool is most often recommended by the majority of local plumbers in Mandurah. It will also save your cost of repairing the drains frequently.

3. Beard clippings catcher- You must be thinking how can short hair block your drains? It is a common myth that only long hair causes drain blockage! Short hair like the ones in your body or beard trimmings, mixes up with other sediments, soap residues and other leftovers that easily go down the drain and block it. This tool is a piece of cloth that secures at the back of your neck and the front section containing two suction cups, catch the hair before it falls in the sink. The clippings catcher is very effective as the trimmings are caught before they go down the drain and blocks it. You can dispose of the hair in a bin instead of in the drains!

4. Have an over-the-top drain screen- This is a tool that can be fixed directly over your drain opening. It is a piece of metal mesh that traps not only hair but soap residues and particles, objects that can block the drains like safety pins, coins and other debris. You can purchase it from any hardware store; also, you must clean this screen regularly to prevent wastes from piling up and blocking the area. For more tips, consult any experienced plumber in Mandurah for the best guide.

Conclusion- Apart from using these tools, it is never too late to adopt some vital practices to keep your drain free from blockage. For example: always brush your hair before removing as it removes most of the loose hair that can otherwise flow down into the drain and block it in the long run. For the perfect drainage solution in Mandurah, consulting your trusted plumbers would be a wise decision on your part.

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