The kitchen is a busy area of the house and the kitchen sink is one of the most used appliances in every house. Every homeowner will agree that they use the kitchen sink for multiple purposes like washing hands, dishwashing and washing the vegetables or other ingredients etc. Thus, the sink is something you cannot do without.  However, if you are frequently running into a problem like a kitchen sink clogging, then as per expert drain cleaning plumber in Mandurah, you should stay cautious about what you are putting down the drain. So what are some of the common things that according to drain plumber specialists are likely to be the reason behind frequent drain clogging?


Grease is a commonly known substance that, cause drain clogging if you pour it down your kitchen sink. Bacon grease is the fat that is left in the pan after cooking the strips of bacon. This fat solidifies once it cools down. Thus, if you pour this grease down your kitchen sink, it is likely to cool down and become hard and sticky and make it difficult for water and liquid to drain properly and eventually clog the drain. These are the reasons why instead of pouring the hot grease down the drain or in a container, wipe it up using a paper towel.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are substances that tend to clog your kitchen drain if you pour these down the drain. These small and fine mixtures may pass down your drain but afterwards, turn into sludge and clog the drain, as the sludge will prevent proper draining.

Cooking Oils

Another substance that can cause drain clogging is cooking oil. Cooking oil generally appears to be harmless and doesn’t have any role to play in drain clogging. However, cooking oil being thick and sticky can coat the pipe and cause major drain clogging after a point. If you are facing drain clogging frequently consult top blocked drains plumbers, to get rid of the problem.


Rice is small in size and often by mistake and lack of knowledge can be poured down the drain. However, this food can cause trouble because it expands when it comes into contact with water and becomes mushy and sticks to the drainpipe, eventually clogging the drain. Similarly, pasta has the same nature and should not be poured down the drain.

Food waste

Make sure to pour no food waste down the kitchen drain unless you have a garbage disposal. Food wastes like cereals, fruit pits and seeds, fish bones and other small food waste should not go down the drain as it can cause major drain clogging issues.


These are a few things that can cause your kitchen sink drain to get clogged if you try to put them down your kitchen sink. Many more substances like flour, fruit stickers, medicines, and other items also cause drain clogging if you try to flush them down the drain. So to avoid any clogging issue, you must stay cautious about what you are trying to drain down the kitchen sink. And in case you are already facing this issue, then make sure to get in touch with experienced blocked drains plumbers in Mandurah for effective and affordable solutions. QA Plumbing is one such plumbing company based in Mandurah, which offers a variety of plumbing solutions and have in-house plumbers who are experienced and qualified! Contact us at (08) 9582 8822 or drop a mail at

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