Plumbing needs can arise anytime, be it at home or workplace. Having an acquaintance with a good plumber is necessary to provide all kinds of plumbing solution, big or small, whether fixing a leaky tap or installing hot water systems.

During the freezing winters, how do you feel on touching the cold water running through the tap? Painful right? It may not be so painful if you install a gas hot water system as this device allows continuous flow of hot water whenever required. Moreover, it is eco-friendly as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to electric water heaters.

Let us look into some of the types of gas water heaters which can be of great use:

1. Gas storage: Most of the households require the use of hot water systems many times on a regular basis. This results in unnecessary loss of time, energy & money. By installing gas hot water systems, such energy expenditures as well monthly electricity bills can be reduced effectively as such a device helps to store hot water & use it as & when required. For instance: Prodigy 4 Star Gas Storage 135Z uses new burner technology that allows more hot water, has faster recovery rates & maintains full flow with pressure delivery.

2. Gas Instantaneous hot water systems: This kind of gas hot water system has several benefits like maximum energy efficiency, unlimited hot water supply, moderate supply, installation & running costs, no need of power point, operation through natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) & many more. So installing such a device can only prove to be beneficial.

3. Gas Storage Tank Hot Water Systems: These are also useful & efficient & they are available in sizes from 90 litre to 170 litre tanks used for both residential & commercial purposes. They also incur the lowest supply & installation cost & comes with quick recovery units providing 390 litres of hot water per hour. Available in 3 to 5-star energy ratings, the tank carries a warranty of 5,7 or 10 years & also keeps the water heated at a temperature above 60 degrees Celsius.

4. Gas Continuous Flow: These are similar to instantaneous hot water systems with the only exception that the former ones are powered by gas & electricity while being more reliable. Some of the useful features are: it contains flow rates from 12 litres/minute to 32 litres/minute; provision for multiple unit connection; comes with water saving techniques; availability of optional temperature control panels; supply of accessories like recessed boxes, pipe covers & cages; affordable running, supply & installation cost & many more.

5. Gas Solar Hot Water Systems: Utilizing solar water heating systems can reduce in the emission of harmful greenhouse gases & render your environment pollution-free. Although the cost of maintaining this is higher than the other types, the energy bill saving factor will surely compensate in all the way. Some of the distinguishing features of this device are: the most energy efficient water heating system as it saves approx. 50%-90% of hot water utilities; contains gas boosters ranging from 18 litres/minute to 32 litres/minute & the list is endless

Conclusion: Installing a gas hot water system can not only help you keep your environment safe but also result in less financial & energy expenditure. Thus if you are a resident of Australia, you can avail the service of a gas hot water system installer in Mandurah.

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