If your house has a septic tank then it can be supposed that you are familiar with what you should do to keep it in a good condition. For instance, you must not forget to pump the septic tank in your house at least once at a gap of three years. Further, you should hire a plumbing professional to inspect the septic tank routinely. While you might be aware of the ‘should do’ list of maintaining the septic tank in your house, you may not be aware of why should you take the initiative to maintain the septic tank in the first place, as is the case with many. To help you understand the importance of septic tank maintenance, here we have shared the top reasons why one should maintain a septic tank.

One should also note that since the septic tank is a complicated area of plumbing, the inspection, maintenance, and repair work should be done with the help of a professional. So, if you are someone who is based in Mandurah, and want routine maintenance services, then you should allow the best plumbing company in Mandurah to take care of such tasks. And, only with professional support would you be able to get the best result out of the plumbing framework, and ensure that the septic tank function optimally for a long time.

Now, maintaining a septic tank is not a choice, and should be taken seriously. Here are some top reasons for you to understand why.

Top Reasons Why Maintaining Septic Tank Is Necessary

There are many reasons why maintaining a septic tank can help, take a look at the different reasons here.

Helps to protect the environment

You must know that when a septic system starts to malfunction the untreated sewage can get seeped into the soil and the groundwater in your area. So, the water will get affected, as pollutants and harmful bacteria enters it, and therefore, the entire community can be at great risk. Further, the groundwater is not stagnant, and they travel further to meet the rivers, streams, reservoirs and lakes that are far away. So, if the groundwater carries pollutants and harmful contaminants, it will pollute the environment, as it will affect the plants, and harm the animals that depend on the nearby waterbody.

Therefore, you should not keep your septic tank unattended and should check frequently to see whether it is clean, and functioning properly. Proper maintenance can help to protect the environment. If you live in Mandurah and need maintenance services for your septic system, or other help, make sure to get in touch with the best plumbing company in Mandurah.

Keeps the lawn in good condition

While repairing the septic system means digging the lawn, however this not the only way will a malfunctioning septic system affect the lawn, but also there are other more harmful problems that may arise due to that. For instance, drain field floods can get overloaded due to faulty septic systems. Now, if any part of the system is not level, then wastewater will not be distributed evenly to all the portions of the drain field, and this could lead to overloading of the drain field.

When the septic tank becomes overloaded, so does the drain field, and as a chain reaction, the soil in the area would also get highly saturated, and fail to absorb the wastewater. This would create bubbles in the soil’s surface, and result in a yard flood. In severe cases, flooding can cause sinkholes in the lawn, and damage it.

Helps you to stay safe

Everyone wants to stay in a house that has a proper drainage system and is hygienic for humans to live in. Now, unfortunately, if you fail to maintain the septic system in your house, then the wastewater that is supposed to get drained can come back through the drains, if you are in direct contact with such water, then it will pose risk to you and your family members’ health. A fully functional septic system keeps the hygiene in your house by safely disposing of the wastewater that is produced by you daily. The tank separates the contaminants from the wastewater before it discharges the water back into the drain field. So, when the septic tank fails, the wastewater never gets drained properly resulting in a nasty odor, a breeding ground for germs and harmful bacteria, and the spread of diseases in the area.

So, take the right action at the right time, and take the initiative to keep your septic system well-maintained. If you are in Mandurah, make sure to hire best plumber in Mandurah for the work.

Saves money

People might have the misconception that regular plumbing costs them much more in comparison to emergency repair services. However, that is not the case. An emergency plumbing service can cost you a fortune sometimes. This is because, when emergency strikes, it can mean in the case of the septic system failure, the professional plumbers will need to work with more expertise, and after controlling the system, they have to inspect and perform intense repairing. Further, a malfunctioning septic system is likely to damage your property, so repair costs add up to a huge amount, which is not the case when you conduct regular maintenance work. Thus, scheduling routine plumbing maintenance work is more cost-effective than the cost of repairing and replacing.

However, if you live in Mandurah, and looking for proper and reasonably priced plumbing maintenance work, you must hire best plumber in Mandurah, who is experienced and reliable.


A well-functioning septic tank has many benefits to offer. Therefore, you should not wait for the time when it stops working all of a sudden, and creates a messy situation in every way. Instead, you must continuously maintain it, clean it, and fix any issues just when it develops. This will help to keep the septic system in top shape for a very long time and save money that you would otherwise have to spend to fix the septic tank. Now, if you are based in Mandurah, then you can get in touch with the best plumbing company in Mandurah such as QA Plumbing company. The team has 17 years of experience in the field. If you would like top contact the team, you can dial (08) 9582 8822 or drop a mail at admin@qaplumbing.com.au.

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