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Our Hot Water Plumbers are available 7 days a week to attend to your problems. promptly and competently!

The team at QA Plumbing can provide affordable solutions for all gas and electric hot water systems. Wether you are looking for repairs, upgrades or replacement you can count on the QA Plumbing team!

We can assist you with the following:

  • Gas & Electric hot water repairs (including emergency hot water repairs)
  • Gas & electric hot water system installations
  • Upgrades to your existing hot water system
  • Continuous hot Water repairs and installations
  • Renovation work that involves hot water systems

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Gas Storage

Hot Water Units

Prodigy 4 Star Gas Storage 135Z

  • Market leading - in first hour capacity and recovery rates
  • New burner technology - faster recovery rates, more hot water
  • Full flow mains pressure delivery
  • 135L or 170L

Electric Storage

Hot Water Units

Proflo Electric Storage

  • Full flow pressure to all taps
  • Easy installation – water connections on both sides of tank
  • Indoor or Outdoor installation
  • 80L (2 adults 2 children)


Hot Water Units

Rheem 27 – 6 Star

  • 27L/min hot water delivery (at 25°C rise)
  • 6 Star equivalent energy efficiency (including both gas and electrical energy used, as a combined unit)
  • Hot water twice as fast as a standalone 27L Continuous Flow water heater

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