We have heard thousands of quotes like,“ Save water! Every drop counts” or “save water; it will save your life later”,etc. But have we really been successful in refraining from wasting it? Despite taking a lot of initiatives, we end up being unable to curtail water waste. There cannot be any better alarm for the citizens than what is being presently witnessed in Mandurah and many other parts of Western Australia. The city of Mandurah is reeling under a huge water crisis, leading to widespread cuts all across the West Australia. With this issue being uppermost on everyone’s mind, the citizens are finding out ways to save water. Some of the most effective water-conserving ways are discussed here in the following write-up –

Turn off the tap:

One of the biggest culprits sits right at your residence and workplace is a leaky tap or faucet that you have been overlooking since a long time. You will be shocked to know that 40%-50% of water is wasted through water leakage every day. By plugging the leak, you can save millions of liters every day. However, in a majority of cases, this has been a huge problem since maximum people are too lazy to repair the leaking faucets or taps. As the professional plumbers charge per visit and often can’t attend it in a timely manner, the issue goes unattended. Hence, don’t leave the tap open. Always make sure to turn the taps off before you leave home or workplace.

Keep a tab on the water tank:

The daily tank overflow can be one of the major reasons of water wastage. Keep a tab on your water tank on a regular basis, so that there is no room left for water overflow. Consider professional help, if there is any leakage going on your water tank. Make sure to plug the loopholes instantly, so you can keep the chances of water wastage at bay.

Say no to misusing water even at an eatery:

One of the prime water wastages come from ordering water at an eatery and just taking a sip or two while wasting the rest. The tendency of leaving the glass half-drunk have been increasing in the city rapidly. This is certainly a huge problem and maximum people don’t even realize their follies. It is very difficult to make everyone understand the necessity of utilizing the drinking water with utmost sincerity. The waiters and restaurant staff should not fill the glass up to the brim, but only a little more than half, every time they serve it. This step can help curtail waste.

Some other ways of curtailing water waste:

Followings are some other ways to cut down on the water wastage –
1. Shower with less water
2. Steam your vegetables
3. Save up your dirty clothes
4. Reduce food waste
5. Don’t waste water for watering plants
6. Wash your four-wheel with a single bucket of water. Don’t use hose
7. Never leave the hose running in a garden
8. Turn taps off when brushing
9. Fix a dripping tap that can waste almost 10 liters of water regularly

Concluding notes:

Consider asking for professional help if you sense water leakage going on your residence or workplace. Take help of the plumbing services in Mandurah to fix the issue at the earliest. The professional plumbers in Mandurah can solve water leak issues without burning a hole in your pocket.

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  • Andrew Mathews

    March 25, 2017 | Reply

    Amazing! I never realized that we waste so much water in our daily lives! Thanks for opening our eyes to the truth. We will be careful from the next time.

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