With the rise of global warming levels in the world, it is high time that we switch to better alternatives to energy. Solar power provides a good solution to renewable energy. The demand to harness renewable energy is gradually increasing. It provides a cheap alternative to traditional energy sources. Conventional geysers are estimated to use around 6,400kW hours of electricity a year per household which is responsible for giving rise to approximately 8 tons of CO2 annually. With solar hot water heaters, it is not only possible to save money, but also prevent CO2 emission.

Solar power panels come in varying sizes and they are capable of generating enough power to take care of the energy demands of a household. A solar water heating system consists of a thermostat, a pipe, and a hot water cylinder.

Solar hot water systems make use of solar collectors which absorb solar energy to heat water. The heated water is stored in an insulated tank for further requirements. The solar collectors are usually positioned facing north on the roof of the house.

Some also come equipped with a drain-back system to drain water from the solar panel’s interior when the pump is switched off.

Solar water heating panels can be used with most pre-installed hot-water systems. But an additional cylinder is required to be added to pre-heated water or change your existing one for a twin coil. To get this done, you can contact a solar hot water installer in Mandurah who will take care of your requirements. Mandurah gets plenty of sunshine throughout the year, hence harnessing solar energy to provide hot water is relatively cheap and easy.

Benefits of the solar hot water system:

– Use renewable energy source
– Generate free water
– Reduction of greenhouse gases
– Energy efficient
– Reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions
– Save more with solar hot water heaters
– Reduce your power bill

Solar hot water systems are much more effective than Solar PV as solar hot water systems produce electricity at one-third the cost of solar PV. They are also much less expensive to heat water. It is a low-cost green technology. Other than the cost of the installation and the cost of the system the ongoing cost of solar power is small. When compared to an annual electricity bill, it becomes minuscule. With solar hot water systems, not only will your energy costs be reduced, but increasing energy costs will also see a sufficient reduction.

It is financially a wise idea to install a solar hot water system to upgrade your home and business and save on energy use and cost. Switch to a better form of energy and do your part to protect the environment from global warming.

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  • Rennica

    January 25, 2018 | Reply

    I really did not know that solar hot water systems have so many benefits. This blog is such an interesting read as it points out the amazing benefits of solar hot water systems.

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